Peter Wright BSc


Peter Wright Personal Trainer


Peter Wright (@peteytheptcscs) is a personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Growing up competitive, he looked to sports as a way of channelling his energy and never looked back since then.

As a coach, Peter is passionate about working with people and his naturally outgoing and vibrant personality allows him to understand his clients individually. His comprehensive and individualised programs serve to improve his client’s quality of life and general wellness and help them towards their goals, which gives him an immense sense of pride.

You will also likely find him working out listening to Joe Dolan. Outside of the gym, Peter is adept at “spitting rhymes off the top of the dome”, or so he claims. 



  • 1st class honours BSc Sport Science and Health Studies
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Leinster Rugby Level 3 Coach