Glenn van der Veen BSc, MSc

rehabilitation specialist | HEAD COACH


“I used to play professional football in the Netherlands until I was 23 years old, after which I also competed in MMA and grappling competitions. When I was 29 I started competing in bodybuilding and had many successes, winning a number of awards and accolades.

My personal fitness goal is to keep improving myself, and to keep challenging my body in different ways. For me, being fit and healthy means to feel good, strong, mobile, am injury-free, and having a good cardiovascular system.

My strength as a trainer is that I am very understanding, empathetic, patient, and am a good listener. I am also very analytical and passionate about solving movement related “problems”. What I love the most about working with my clients is the variety of different personalities, goals, and fitness levels that I get to work with everyday. This makes my job interesting and challenging.

With my academic background in Sports Physiotherapy, my specialization is in rehabilitation, injury prevention, and strength and conditioning. Before before coming to Singapore, I practiced as a Sports Physiotherapist in the Netherlands and India.”



My biggest inspiration: My Grandfather and father.

My favourite quote: Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.

Favourite cheat meal: French fries.

My biggest fear: Losing my loved ones.

Best advice given to me: Always enjoy the moment!


  • Certificate Technical Level One (Weightlifting)

  • Trigger point dry needling technique

  • TRX master instructor course

  • Certificate TRX Rip trainer and TRX suspension trainer

  • Myogenic courses - Activation, Release and Rehab

  • Manipulation techniques

  • Course of diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports injuries of the knee

  • Course training with Arthritis

  • Master of Physical Therapy in Sports

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Sports experience

  • August 1993 - July 1995: Football, Vitesse 1892

  • August 1995 - July 2000: Professional Football academy De Graafschap

  • 2000 - 2002: Professional football FC De Graafschap

  • 2003 - 2005: Competitive Mixed Martial Arts and Grappling

  • 2005 to present: Boxing, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding


  • Juliette Bergman Cup IFBB 2010 1st place – 80 kg (Netherlands)

  • Juliette Bergman Cup IFBB 2010 1st place Overall (Netherlands)

  • Hercules Cup IFBB 2010 – 80 kg 1st place (Netherlands)

  • Dutch Championships IFBB 2010 – 80 kg 1st place (Netherlands)

  • Grand Prix IFBB 2010 all weight classes 4th place (Netherlands)

  • European Championships IFBB 2010 - 80 kg (participant)

  • Arnold Classics Ohio USA IFBB 2011 - 90 kg (participant)

  • Muscle Model Champion, Muscle Mania India 2014

  • Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Muscle Mania India 2014

  • Overall Winner, Muscle Mania India 2014

  • 2nd place, Mr Asia Muscle Mania 2015


Nathan Williams



Nathan specialises in Strength, Bodyweight and Kettlebell training. Having also worked exclusively with older clients/golfers in the Middle east, he has a keen interest in corrective strategies and mobility work for everyday workers, ex-athletes and anyone looking to continue their physical training whilst staying pain-free for the rest of their lives. He is one of UFITs most experienced Personal Trainers, Bootcamp coaches and continues to train PT and small groups of clients at UFIT Orchard.

He graduated from UWIC, Cardiff with a 2:1 in Sport development and management. During this time Nathan was fortunate enough to work with some elite RFU female England rugby players (notably Danielle Waterman and Heather Fisher) which helped start his career as a coach. Since graduating in 2006, Nathan has spent the past 12 years as a PT travelling to Cyprus, New York, Dubai, Bahrain and for the past 7 years, Singapore.

Nathan will be able to assist those wanting to become fitter, stronger and healthier by eliminate pain and weakness in the body through improving strength and quality of fundamental human movements. A system he successfully learned and adapted from a week internship with Eric Cressey at world renown high performance center ‘Cressey Performance’ in Boston, MA and also spent some time training with TFW creator Martin Rooney.

Recently, Nathan re-trained through world renowned fitness company OPEX completing his CCP1 over 12 months. A challenging learning experience which saw him train with James fitzgerald in Melbourne and has further improved his coaching knowledge and experience


  • Premier global personal trainer and sports massage certification

  • PTA global personal trainer certification

  • Agatsu Kettlebells instructors course level 1

  • Poliquin Bioprint practitioner (Sydney)

  • TFW coach Level 1

  • Weightlifting coach level 1 (Singapore weightlifting federation)

  • FMS Practitioner Level 1

  • SAQ (speed, agility quickness) coach level 1

  • OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach

  • OPEX program design (Melbourne)

instructors courses:

  • Stop Chasing Pain

  • TRX

  • Bulgarian bag

  • BOSU

  • Vipr

  • Boxercise


Tsvetelina Ivanova



Tsvety specialises in strength training, plyometrics and metabolic conditioning. She has a keen interest in improving mobility, functional training, and Olympic lifting.

She graduated from Northwood University Palm Beach USA, where she received a Sports  Scholarship in Indoor Volleyball.

Tsvety can assist anyone who is looking to improve their strength, body composition, and overall fitness level. She is known for her patience and encouragement with clients new to strength training, and her tough and motivating approach with clients who are looking to take their fitness to a higher level. Also known as the "wedding trainer", Tsvety has helped many brides look their best on their wedding day by creating an effective personalised training plan for each client to achieve their goals before their big day.


  • ACSM Personal Trainer Certification

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification

  • TFW Level 1 Trainer certification

  • AFPA Pre/Post Natal Certified Trainer

  • NASM Small Group Trainer Certification

  • ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Adrian Tan 



Adrian’s talent is simply transforming people! His focus is on muscle gain (hypertrophy) and fat loss for both men and women at any age especially those above the age of 40. With over 18 years of knowledge and practical use on exercise techniques and manipulating your nutrition, he will take your physique to another level. 

More about Adrian:

- 5-time Singapore Bodybuilding Champion 

- 2-time Mr. Singapore (2006 & 2011)

- 2014 MuscleMania Overall Physique Champion

“Looking and feeling good is my priority” Adrian


  • AFPA Certified Trainer

  • ACE Health Coach (undergoing)

  • TRX Certified Trainer




Stuart specialises specifically in sports strength and conditioning, with a passion in training for body composition changes and health. 

After graduating from St Mary's University London, with a B.S.c in Strength and Conditioning Science he has been working in the industry as a strength coach and personal trainer. 

Stuart style of training is perfect for anyone looking to prepare him or herself for any sporting activity. Be it a half marathon or the upcoming rugby season. 


He also has plenty of experience working with youth athletes. He is known for his wide array of training methods and range of exercise selection to keep training interesting. 



  • B.S.c Strength and Conditioning Science

  • British Weightlifting L1

  • Crossfit L1

  • OPEX Fitness CCP (in progress)

  • Level 2 Suspension Trainer

Ryan Tonge

PERSONAL trainer


Ryan graduated from Northumbria University, UK, with a degree in Applied Sports and Exercise Science. He has a keen interest in assessing and improving the biomechanics of movement, especially during running.

He has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength and conditioning, endurance training and injury prevention. He also has experience working with kid’s strengthing and conditioning.

Ryan will be able to help anybody with his or her mobility, strength and endurance goals. With his patient demeanor and positive approach, he will be able to assist anyone looking to step up their fitness journey.


  • BA (Hons) Applied Sports and Exercise Science

  • British Weight Lifting (BWL) Level 1 Assistant Club Coach

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

  • Crossfit Gymnastics Level 1

  • Crossfit Endurance Level 1

Jasmine Danker

PERSONAL trainer


Jasmine has been in the fitness industry for 10 years and counting and has met people from all walks of life. She a strong advocate of ensuring her client carries forward what they have learned in the gym throughout their daily life. She doesn’t buy into bogus methods of exercise, instead, she keeps her client challenge with a functional specific movement for their needs and focus a lot on postural correction. Jasmine spends a lot of time playing netball and training for her duathlon.


Certified Personal Trainer 

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

  1. American Council of Exercise

  2. - Crossfit Level 1 Trainer



Other Specialities Certifications

  • Certified Kettlebell Teacher (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation)

  • TRX Suspension Trainer

  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy Certified

  • Resisted Movement Training Certified

  • PT on the Net Level 1-6

  • TechnoGym-functional and small group training Specilist- Pre/Post Natal Certified

  • Basic Exercise Course, Singapore Sports Council

  • CPR + AED by Singapore Red

  • Inline Certification Program

  • SPORT and LEISURE management diploma (REPUBLIC POLY)

Devina Pronolo



Born in Jakarta and having moved to Singapore when she was 10, Devina started her fitness journey while attending college abroad in Melbourne, Australia. She began as a Les Mills group fitness instructor and soon found her true passion at a local gym. She is a current record holder for under 48kg women category in Singapore Powerlifting Alliance National Record and she is currently looking towards to competing again in 2017 after giving birth to a beautiful daughter last year.  Besides her passion for weights, Devina is also a yoga enthusiast. She believes in finding a balance in all elements and practising yoga complements her weight training very well.

Devina is a certified ACE Personal Trainer, she is also certified to coach pre and post natal clients.  On top of that she is a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit gymnastic certified trainer.

Matt Benfell

PERSONAL trainer


My passion lies in health, fat loss and body composition for general population clients. This includes advising on nutrition, stress management and training to help people improve their health, get quick results and sustain those results LONG TERM.

For me it’s not about ‘beasting it’ it’s about working intelligently through personalised and well structured programs that take into account the clients lifestyle outside of the gym. I take the time to get to know and understand my clients and provide an environment where they feel driven to hitting their goals and more.
Working directly with clients since 2009, I have a large amount of experience with all kinds of people, from all walks of life. Working in well known personal training studios in London, Australia and now Singapore, I have developed close ties to Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Trainers across the industry.

A bit off a geek at heart I love learning and strive to keep myself on top off the game by continually educating myself through connecting with industry thought leaders, regularly attending courses and studying.

I am results driven trainer who gives 100% and in return asks for 100% commitment from clients to help them achieve results beyond their expectations. Most importantly I like to have fun along the way and create an environment whereby clients enjoy the road to their goals and develop lifelong habits to help them stay in shape and feel awesome for the long run.


  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design | Nottingham Trent University

  • Premier Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma | Windsor


  • Muscle Nerds Level 1

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1, The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition

  • Nutrition for Physique Athletes, Clean Health Australia

  • Premier Kettlebell

  • Premier Advanced Nutrition

  • 6 week program design mentorship - Stéphane Cazeault, Kilo Strength Society

  • The Advanced Coaching Academy - Phil Learney (Ongoing)

  • Business Acumen

  • Applied Nutrition

  • Advanced Coaching

  • Applied Nutrition & Supplementation 

  • Gymnastic Bodies Level 1




Originally from Colombia, I have more than 2 decades of experience in the fitness industry since starting my personal training career after finishing school. I have worked in many countries around the world, including Mexico, Germany, and Dubai, before moving to Singapore. These opportunities allowed me to have a diverse perspective and understanding of different cultures and training philosophies from the best in the industry.

I am equipped with the knowledge and experience to help my clients achieve their fitness goals – be it to become leaner, or specialized training to get better at competitive sports. I am a dedicated weightlifter with a passion for gymnastics and calisthenics movement.

I may seem shy and soft-spoken at first. But once you get into a training session with me, you will experience the enthusiasm and dedication I have towards helping each of my client get stronger and reach their fullest potential. I am energetic, earnest, and full of positivity. Coaching and guiding my clients to help them overcome mental barriers and gain confidence makes me very happy!”


My biggest inspiration: My dad. 
My favourite quote: My dad told me this: “Let the past stay in the past. Live today to the fullest and work for a better tomorrow.”

Workout music: Always some heavy metal or rock.

Favorite cheat meal: I am really addicted to sugar!

Best advice given to me: Carpe diem. Life is too short for regrets.

Terri Forward

Personal trainer


Following a successful 10 year career in the UK’s National Health Service, Terri decided to follow her passion to become a health and fitness professional. As an experienced behaviour change specialist and executive coach Terri fully understands the challenges of making lifestyle changes and, most importantly, making them last. 

With a Masters Degree in Health Psychology, Terri is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of her clients by achieving a healthy body and mind. She believes with the right mindset anything is possible, motivating and empowering clients to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way.

Terri is a NCSF certified personal trainer and swimming coach, who’s love for health and fitness began during her time as a competitive swimmer. Terri still loves to compete and regularly challenges herself by taking part in half marathons, endurance events and most recently the Singapore Aquathlon.



  • Masters Degree in Health Psychology

  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Swimming Coach



Personal trainer

I can’t remember the last time I stepped on a scale, and to me, that should not be a gauge of how fit or healthy one is! I always believe that fitness should be holistic - trying to find a balance to the mind and body, and that will eventually lead to sustainable long-term fulfilment and happiness.


I have always participated in some form of sport all through my school days - wakeboarding, diving, hockey and netball! These days, I find myself either spinning, boxing, or going for Pilates when I’m not in the gym or running after my kids. After the birth of my 2nd child, I took a leap of faith to leave my career in the finance industry. Desperate to get back into shape, I took a keen interest to learn more about the technical side of personal training, and have never looked back since!

I specialise in strength and fitness training with pre-and post natal ladies. I have been told that my ‘never-say-die’ attitude has rubbed off onto clients that I train. I push them to their limits, but still leave them wanting to come back for more! Seeing my clients progress and meeting their goals keeps my passion for the job alive!


My biggest inspiration:

I always find myself getting drawn to ‘real’ people. And in this sense, the person that inspires me the most is my best friend and fellow colleague at UFIT Orchard, Tsvety!! (Have you seen her buns??!!)

My go-to workout music:

Mood dependent! Progressive house if I need to get my heart pumping quickly. Otherwise, I’m a proper 80s kid, belting out songs if I’m out running! 

My favourite cheat meal:

Hands down DARK CHOCOLATE anytime, any day! 

My unknown talent:

Is being able to carry 2 kids at the same time, and yet still get things done considered a talent?? #multitasker 

My self-motivation mantra:

The end is near!!! Keep going!!


  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • Fit Singapore pregnant and post partum Personal Trainer

  • GGS Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer


Aaron Tregaskes

Personal trainer

As a trainer, I have a good understanding of different training methodologies to suit different needs. I try to be adaptable to every client, so I don’t force one way of thinking or training on everybody I work with. However, while I appreciate the need for variety, I am a firm believer of doing the fundamentals well. I love seeing my clients progress. Being able to be in a position to help them achieve their fitness goals is really rewarding for me. I also enjoy training and engaging with a wide variety of people from all walks of life.”
— Aaron


“From a young age I’ve been very active in multiple sports, being involved in rugby, cricket and swimming. I always knew that I want to pursue a career in the sports and fitness industry. A degree in Strength and Conditioning Science led me to work with rugby teams around London, including London Scottish Academy, Rosslyn Park, Esher, and most recently the Harlequins. I have also worked with a variety of race car drivers from GT cars to Formula E & Formula 2.

My personal goals are to achieve all-round health and fitness, understanding that everything you do in life sways your body one way or another out of homeostasis, and knowing how far you can push yourself before needing to restore that balance. 


My favourite quote: “You accept the standards you walk past.”

My favourite cheat meal: Since arriving in Singapore – Chicken Katsu Curry!

My unknown talent: I’m a pretty mean juggler, said no-one ever!

My biggest fear: Not a big fan of flying.

Best advice given to me: “You can fail at what you don’t love, so you might as well take a chance at doing something you do.”


  • BSc Strength & Conditioning Science

  • ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist