Stephen Greenan BSc, MSc



Stephen specialises in sports rehabilitation, gymnastics and endurance running.

Stephen believes in coaching clients to master their own body, incorporating strength with mobility and speed with endurance. His coaching sculpts lean, graceful, strong and mobile bodies. Giving his clients the freedom of movement and strength to play and enjoy life. He believes in educating and empowering clients in a creative and fun environment. His knowledge and attention to strict form ensures the safest, most efficient and structured programming.


  • BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy (2007)
  • MSc. Sports and Exercise Medicine (2010)
  • MSc. Strength and Conditioning (2013-present)
  • Pilates Advanced Mat and Studio Certification
  • Dry Needling (GemT, Australia)
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (Liz Sharpe, UK)
  • Postural Respiration (PRI, USA)
  • Gymnastic Bodies Seminars (Singapore (2), Japan)
  • CrossFit Level 1


Joe Williams BSc, Msc, ASCC

strength & conditioning coach


Joe is an Masters level UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, with a wealth of experience working with athletes of all ages and standards from professional sportspeople to 6-9 year old youth athletes.

Joe’s training style focuses on the underpinning quality of strength and movement quality to assist performance of sporting goals, body composition, and general health and wellbeing. He focusses on evidence based programming, training smart and getting the basics right before all else. Joe believes in coaching with intelligence, training with intent and keeping things simple.


  • Holds accreditation from the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association, one of the top governing bodies for Strength and Conditioning worldwide, and is one of only 1000 coaches worldwide to achieve this.
  • Degrees in Strength and Conditioning (MSc, Merit, Hons) and Sport and Exercise Sciences (1st Class, Hons) from the University of Gloucestershire, specialising in physical preparation of elite and youth athletes.
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage



strength & conditioning coach



Reiner's aim is to build better everyday athletes through strong performance habits

Coming from a winning competitive rugby background, Reiner has represented Singapore internationally at various age group and senior levels and this desire to strive for the next step has led him down the path of coaching tomorrow's athletes. Reiner has been a part of the S&C team at both Singapore Sports Institute, Singapore Sports School and the National Youth Sports Institute and continues to work with all ages and levels of athletes. He also overseas the S&C development for Rugby and Basketball at the ACS schools and its sports outreach arm. 

Always journey-focused, believes in learning excellence through the pursuit of sports and would like to share that process with you.  



  • B.Sc Sports & Exercise Science 

  • - ASCA-qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • - SWF Olympic Weightlifting Certified Coach

  • - NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

  • - World Rugby Level 1 Coach










Tom Clarke BSc, MSc, CSCS

strength & conditioning coach



Tom holds a masters degree in Sports Strength and Conditioning and is accredited through the NSCA as a strength and conditioning specialist. He has worked in the industry for the last 7 years as a personal trainer and strength coach working with a wide range of people including professional athletes to beginner gym goers. Tom’s methods have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and take their fitness to levels they never thought they would achieve.

Tom doesn’t believe in gimmicks, his training style is based on training hard but training smart. He believes in building a solid training program, which includes mastering the basic fundamental movements, whilst adapting and progressing the program to support your goals. Tom specialises in sports performance enhancement and body composition training. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength or improve you sports performance Tom’s individualised programs based on proven methods along with hard work, intensity and dedication will help you achieve the results you want.


  • MSc (Hons) Sports Strength and Conditioning
  • BSc (Hons) 1st Class Sport and Exercise
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • ITEC Sports Massage Therapist
  • PTLLS Teaching Qualification


Wendy Riddell

Head of NUTRITION | Director of bootcamps



  • BSC Nutrition – Robert Gordons University Aberdeen
  • ACE qualified personal trainer
  • Kettlebell training (advanced level)
  • Crosscore trainer
  • Thump-boxing trainer (advanced level)
  • Pre and post-natal nutrition
  • Sports nutrition


Originally from Scotland, Wendy has lived in 8 different countries over the past 17 years. Aside from being the Director of UFIT Bootcamps, Wendy is also a degree-qualified nutritionist with 18 years of experience. She runs the highly popular UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge, which successfully helped thousands of people lose weight and develop healthy eating habits. Wendy is also a fully qualified personal trainer and bootcamps coach, with experience in running fitness programs in Australia and Singapore.

Wendy’s wellness philosophy is to stay healthy instead of fighting disease, with nutrition and exercise playing a key part. After seeing many people around her struggle with bad health, Wendy decided to pursue a career in disease prevention, with the goal of keeping it simple and sustainable for people with busy lives. Wendy believes in working closely with her clients to personalise a nutrition plan with regular reviews, monitoring gut healthy, hormonal balance, stress and sleep levels to achieve the perfect equilibrium.

Previously, Wendy spent 2 years working in Azerbaijan with an NGO that worked with children’s orphanages. This gave Wendy an eye-opening experience on the nutritional disparity situation across the world.

Wendy is also a regular Cross-Fitter, and has competed in multiple obstacle races, half-marathons and cycling races in Singapore and in the UK. Wendy is a great believer that anyone can achieve anything with the right support. “I can, and I will.” is one of Wendy’s favourite phrases. She has four young children and understand first hand the challenges of balancing a healthy lifestyle with the demands of daily life.

    Daniel Gregson BA (Hons), MSc

    Sports Performance | Strength & Conditioning | Personal Trainer


    Daniel specialises in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance and General Fitness. 

    His depth of versatility has been acquired from coaching in a variety of contexts across the UK including leading health and fitness clubs, educational institutions and also elite professional sports teams.

    A former semi-professional footballer and more recently a master’s degree graduate, Daniel combines his experience of competing in high-level sport and underpinning coaching knowledge to deliver high quality training provisions to all of his clients.

    Daniel’s ethos is constructed around simplicity, whilst empowering and educating his clients to train intelligently to maximise their results.


    • MSc in Coaching Science

    • First Class Degree in Sports Coaching

    • UEFA B Licensed Football Coach

    • Certificate in Education and Training

    • Level 3 Personal Trainer

    • Level 3 in Sports Massage

    • Qualified Kettlebell Instructor

    • Certificate in Personal Coaching

    • Level 3 in First Aid




    Marcus has been in the fitness industry since 2003 and was responsible for starting Bootcamps training sessions in the University of Western Australia (UWA), himself a graduate from UWA.

    During his tenure as Fitness Centre Manager in UWA, Marcus actively conducted Bootcamp, circuit, boxing, ABT, spin and Bodycombat classes. He was an Exercise Physiologist with BHP Billiton, and specialises in strength training and injury rehabilitation.

    Marcus is a former competitive body-builder and has placed in the Western Australian State Championships. He is a 2-time Singapore National Champion and has represented Singapore in the sport several times, taking 2 bronze medals in the process.

    Marcus believes in walking the talk, and is extremely passionate about training and nutrition.



    • Bachelor of Science (Exercise & Health Science)
    • Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach (ACSM)
    • Diploma in Coaching (ABBF)
    • Certified Crosscore Trainer
    • Certified Bodycombat Instructor (Les Mills)
    • Certified Clinical Fitness Professional (EIMS)

    Laura Phillips

    Personal Trainer and health coach



    It is my absolute passion to help people remove their mental barriers to achieving their goals so that they can push their bodies further than they ever thought possible; and in doing so, turning people’s lives around for the better.  My day is made when I see someone have a ‘lightbulb’ moment and when they achieve their goals or do something they never thought was possible.  I enjoy few things more than helping these moments happen and being there to witness them.  I truly believe that you can do anything you set your mind to-sometimes we just don’t know how to make it happen and that’s where I come in.  I’m the personal trainer who will believe in you more than you believe in yourself and will guide you along a path to a healthier life.  Because you deserve to be the best you possible.

    Why am I so qualified to do this?  After spending 12 years as an elite level swimmer I transitioned into the health and fitness industry. I have now been a part of this amazing industry for 8 years and specialised as a personal trainer for the last 4. I have had the utmost pleasure in working with world class athletes, mothers, working professionals, beginners, those with injuries and everyone in between.

    My signature style of training incorporates aspects of:

    • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
    • Metabolic Conditioning
    • Weight training
    • Olympic lifts
    • HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training)
    • Functional movement and mobility

    The quote I live by is: “Whether you think you or think you can’t, you are right” - Henry Ford.


    • Bachelor in Health Science (Public Health) QUT

    • Certificate III and IV in Fitness

    • Thump Boxing Lvl 1 and Advanced certification

    • IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) certified Health Coach


    Ruairidh Winters

    Strength & Conditioning | Personal Trainer


    A fully qualified personal trainer from the UK, Ruairidh adopts a personal approach to each one of his clients, assuring an individually tailored and motivating programme designed to meet specific needs whilst keeping the goals both realistic and achievable.

    Ruairidh's own sporting background lies within Football, with professional playing experience in England, USA and Canada. As a player, Ruairidh made appearances in the English League 1 for Oldham Athletic FC and in League 2 for Morecambe FC. He received a National Player of the Week honour in the USA whilst playing for AFC Cleveland and played for reigning national champions FC London whilst in Canada. He also has international honours having represented England Colleges u19’s.

    Before moving to Singapore to begin work with UFIT, Ruairidh was a Director of Strength & Conditioning and a PE teacher at the top ranked state school for sport in England. He also combined his teaching career with semi-professional football for Rushden & Diamonds FC and as a Strength & Conditioning coach at Premiership Rugby club Northampton Saints.

    Ruairidh looks forward to working alongside you to help you hit your targets, no matter how big or small.



    • MSc in Coaching Science
    • BSc 1st Class Honours in Sport & Exercise Science
    • UEFA B Football coaching Licence
    • Awarded the University of the West of England's award for top performing Masters student.
    • Fully Qualified Physical Education Teacher
    • Level 3 REPs Personal Trainer
    • Level 2 Gym Instructor
    • Trampoline Teaching Level 2

    Declan Halpin BSc, MSc




    Declan has always maintained a strong sporting interest, and has previously worked as an Academy Physiotherapist for Crystal Palace Football Club (a professional football club in London, England), and as a Rehabilitation Coach for the Western Province Stormers Academy (a professional rugby club from Cape Town, South Africa). Within Asia, he consults to the Indonesian Athletics Association as a Performance coach and physiotherapist for their Olympic athletes and Elite Development Squad. In Singapore, Declan has previously worked as both physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach to the Singapore National Rugby team (who achieved bronze medal at the recent SEA Games). Finally, Declan travels throughout Asia in his role of Senior Medical Educator for World Rugby, visiting developing rugby unions in the region to teach their medical professionals about pitch-side emergency care and treatment of their athletes and players. He is passionate about helping his patients achieve their long terms goals through identifying their weaknesses and imbalances, and developing a strategy to eradicate them. 


    • BSc Sport and Exercise Science 
    • MSc Physiotherapy 
    • AAP Dry Needling Certification 
    • L1 Crossfit Trainer 
    • Senior Medical Educator World Rugby 


    The best project you’ll ever work on is you.

                       — Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson



    one north community manager i personal trainer 



    Lex specializes in functional training, strength and conditioning with a focus of using weights, calisthenics, martial arts and gymnastics training to get clients a body that not only looks good but moves well. 

    He believes in a multi discipline approach to training can benefit and create functional movements and strength that carries over to a holistic development.

    He is a NSCF certified (National Council on Strength and Fitness) and an Aquaspin certified instructor.

    His believes that everyone can change their life with proper guidance, training and discipline. 



    I seek to unleash each client’s fullest potential in helping them to achieve their goals. There is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing my personal training clients progress and reach their goals with passion and tenacity.
    — Carlos Geddes


    “I am originally from Argentina. Before coming to Singapore, I was a physical education teacher and club level rugby coach. Sports is my vocation, it’s my anchor in life. Being an active rugby player since I was 5 years old, I have always been conscious about the importance of health and fitness. It’s essential to maintain an active lifestyle to enjoy a good quality of life and keep the brain functioning well. To me, being healthy is not a goal, but a lifestyle. It is about feeling fit, strong and confident. Well, one needs to be realistic and do things that works best for them and their body.

    I seek to unleash each client’s fullest potential in helping them to achieve their goals. There is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing my personal training clients progress and reach their goals with passion and tenacity. Their achievements and happiness are mine as well, and I am immensely proud of their improvements. From coaching kids to training rugby players, I am able to adapt to different training needs and disciplines, and motivate my clients consistently.


    My biggest inspiration: Undoubtedly my father.

    My favourite quote:El único lugar donde existo está antes que sacrificio es en el diccionario.” – which translates to: “Success takes sacrifice.”

    Favourite cheat meal: Argentinian dulce de leche

    Best advice given to me: Do the thing that you love and you won’t work a single day or your life.


    ·      Bachelors in Physical Education

    ·      Level 1 Strength and Conditioning (World Rugby)

    ·      Level 1 Rugby Coach (World Rugby)

    ·      Functional Training (NCSA)

    ·      Simplified Periodization (NCSA)