personal trainer


Olie is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a track record for unlocking physical potential around the world and a degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. 

Originally from the land of the dragon, Wales, he has coached at world-renowned organisations including Swansea City Football Academy, Harvard University, AFL, Welsh Rugby Union and the Melbourne Vixens. These unique experiences have allowed him to fine tune his coaching approach and methods to ensure that results and performance are always achieved regardless of age. 

Renowned for his expertise in training youth individuals, Olie is one of our UFIT Youth Academy coaches and is responsible for arming our academy attendees with the movement patterns and skills needed to prepare them for life. 


Who is your biggest inspiration: Po (Kung Fu Panda) 

What is your favourite quote: “Actions speak louder than words.”

Go-to workout music: Ranges from Disney soundtracks to 80’s disco.

Favourite cheat meal: Two tubs of Ben & Jerry’s

Your unknown talent:  Can complete a Rubik’s Cube in under 60 seconds. 

Your biggest fear: Being average.

Best advice given to you: Even salt looks like sugar. 

Workout war cry/ self-motivation mantra: “What you allow is what will continue.”


•      Sports Conditioning

•      Rehabilitation and Massage (BSc)

•      Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

•      Level 3 Sports Massage

•      Level 3 Personal Training

•      Enhanced DBS Check