Nathan Williams


Nathan UFIT Personal Trainer


Nathan specialises in Strength, Bodyweight and Kettlebell training. Having also worked exclusively with older clients/golfers in the Middle east, he has a keen interest in corrective strategies and mobility work for everyday workers, ex-athletes and anyone looking to continue their physical training whilst staying pain-free for the rest of their lives. He is one of UFITs most experienced Personal Trainers, Bootcamp coaches and continues to train PT and small groups of clients at UFIT Orchard.

He graduated from UWIC, Cardiff with a 2:1 in Sport development and management. During this time Nathan was fortunate enough to work with some elite RFU female England rugby players (notably Danielle Waterman and Heather Fisher) which helped start his career as a coach. Since graduating in 2006, Nathan has spent the past 12 years as a PT travelling to Cyprus, New York, Dubai, Bahrain and for the past 7 years, Singapore.

Nathan will be able to assist those wanting to become fitter, stronger and healthier by eliminate pain and weakness in the body through improving strength and quality of fundamental human movements. A system he successfully learned and adapted from a week internship with Eric Cressey at world renown high performance center ‘Cressey Performance’ in Boston, MA and also spent some time training with TFW creator Martin Rooney.

Recently, Nathan re-trained through world renowned fitness company OPEX completing his CCP1 over 12 months. A challenging learning experience which saw him train with James fitzgerald in Melbourne and has further improved his coaching knowledge and experience



  • Premier global personal trainer and sports massage certification

  • PTA global personal trainer certification

  • Agatsu Kettlebells instructors course level 1

  • Poliquin Bioprint practitioner (Sydney)

  • TFW coach Level 1

  • Weightlifting coach level 1 (Singapore weightlifting federation)

  • FMS Practitioner Level 1

  • SAQ (speed, agility quickness) coach level 1

  • OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach

  • OPEX program design (Melbourne)

instructors courses:

  • Stop Chasing Pain

  • TRX

  • Bulgarian bag

  • BOSU

  • Vipr

  • Boxercise