Simple things like sitting down all day, lifting, and regular exercise put the body under stress which can reduce mobility and lead to injury.

That's where the UFIT Better Movement Clinic comes in.

Back aches, shoulder strain, headaches - we all get them, and some more frequently than others. 

Often what causes these aches and pains are the things we do every single day, like spending hours sitting over a keyboard and using the wrong muscle groups to carry heavy objects.

Ignoring these ongoing aches and pains can lead to additional and more chronic issues and ideally need to be treated as early as possible.


Our Movement Clinics, run by UFIT Clinic Physiotherapists are amongst the best in Singapore and discover muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns.

They give a snapshot of where you are in terms of your coordination, an indication of where your muscle tightness is, and where you might have unexpected weakness. 

Your 20 minute Movement Screen will give you an indication of the cause of your aches and pains. We will then recommend the appropriate stretching and strength work you can do to eradicate your weaknesses and improve your mobility, with the end-goal of making you fitter, stronger, and more injury resistant.