Detox from sugars and processed foods and notice the difference as you lose weight, gain energy and start to glow.



Come and join the ultimate experience in nutrition that has helped thousands of people lose weight and feel great . This highly-successful four-week online program provides you with the tools you need to reach your goals, whether you want to fit into that new pair of jeans, tone up or enjoy some new found energy.

Our highly qualified nutritionists and online community will be with you every step of the way helping you to transform, rebuild your habits and show it's truly mind over matter.



This program is designed to cut out sugars, highly processed foods and other overly consumed products in today’s society and to get you back to eating a clean and nutrient dense diet.

Sugar can really be the enemy and it's in most of the foods we eat - read more here about the dangers of sugars. This Challenge will help you learn to love real food and develop healthy new eating habits to set you up for life.

Find out from the winner of the last Challenge how he lost 11% body fat in four weeks - his first time under 100kg in 15 years, and how it's changed his life for better. 


You can follow this online program wherever you are and have access to info 24/7. It includes:

  • Video-stream of four nutritional seminars
  • Weight and body fat comparisons at the beginning and end 
  • Online nutritional framework
  • Clean & Lean eCookbook
  • Facebook community for support
As I come to the end of my journey with Clean and Lean Challenge 11, I would like to thank Wendy Riddell, Noa Harari and all the other trainers at UFIT for making this possible. I would also like to thank the other Clean and Leaners as well as the other participants in the UFIT Bootcamps for sharing notes and recipes and experiences on this Facebook page and making it a fun journey. I’ve come to understand that I don’t want or need as many carbohydrates and sugar in my life (though the occasional sugar craving would still hit me). Going forwards, I am going to continue living clean and lean both by watching what I eat and drink and keeping exercise as a part of my life.

Thank you all once again for having been a part of this fantastic journey.

— Mark Tan

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Clean and Lean 20 Online
Registration opens 14/04/2018

"Thanks for the weight loss, it took me 6 years to lose 13kg. while it took me just 4 weeks to lose 7kg doing the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge". Stuart Tan - Clean & Lean 16 participant.

Meanwhile Stuart's wife Alicia who also did the Challenge told us "I'm really happy to see the results despite eating so much everyday! Thanks Wendy and Noh for all your encouragement and advice. Will definitely continue with my C&L menu and exercises".