Michael Leung



Mike has amassed over 10 years in the strength and fitness industry, combining disciplines from lifting, body composition, mobility, intelligent movement and physio rehabilitation.   His specialty is combining his wealth of knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their unique health goals through customised programming, relentless focus on technique and creative methods to address individual constraints and weaknesses. 

Mike started his career in fitness and massage in the UK in 2004.  More recently, Mike was one of the founding members of the premier integrated physio, massage and fitness facility in Hong Kong.  


  • Jujitsu under Rodrigo Medeiros. 
  • Premier Global personal training (Manchester 2004)
  • Premier global sports massage therapy (manchester 2004)
  • NASM (Hong Kong 2008)
  • Poliquin International Certification Program level 1-3 (Rhode Island 2010)
  • Trigenics (Toronto 2011)
  • Olympic lifting - Coach Wu (Singapore 2012)
  • Biosignature modulation level 1-2 (London 2015)
  • Ido portal - corset (Hong Kong 2012)
  • Precision nutrition 2016