Megan Lovegrove


Megan Lovegrove


Megan is from the UK, born and bred in the Lake District.  She is a UK qualified and registered Physiotherapist and degree qualified Exercise Physiologist.

She also coaches and competes in CrossFit and therefore offers a unique in-depth understanding of the skill set and physical demands required for the sport, specifically weightlifting and gymnastics. She is able to expertly recognise restrictions and implement strategies that improve movement efficiency and prides herself on helping people to reduce their pain and perform to the full extent of their abilities. These fundamental skills and the ability to move well under load and fatigue can be applied to most sports. Her approach to rehabilitation and performance is goal driven and she will work with you to achieve your goals in the gym, sport and life. She is passionate about working with clients of all abilities and giving them to tools to help themselves.

Being a seasoned CrossFit athlete and having competed at the World Games in CrossFit, she has an appreciation for the physical and psychological demands training puts on the body when preparing for and recovering from competition season. She has first-hand experience in which strategies add value to training and recovery and can utilise this experience to inform your own training, performance enhancement and rehabilitation. 

Megan is a firm believer that we shouldn’t just use therapy when we are injured but as a adjunct to ensure we bulletproof the body specifically to the sports and hobbies we engage in regularly. She provides tailored programmes that help prep and prime the body so we can reap the most rewards in training.


  • BSc Sports Science & Physiology, Leeds University

  • MSc Physiotherapy, Northumbria University