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Personal training that goes beyond training

Rated 4.9 stars on Google
Trained over 10,000 clients
Why UFIT Personal Training?

You don't just get trained, you get taken care of

We've taken Personal Training to the next level by offering a truly integrated approach to health and fitness - giving you access to all our other 1-1 services as part of your personal training program. Fitness is just one piece of the puzzle, and by doing this, we offer support in all other key areas, including your health, nutrition and movement, to ensure you to build sustainable habits and achieve long-lasting results. 

Build a comprehensive program that's unique to you
Build a comprehensive program that's unique to you

Based on your goals, you can build a personalised program incorporating multiple different UFIT services.

Get all your health & fitness needs taken care of in one place
Get all your health & fitness needs taken care of in one place Our team of qualified professionals will be collaborating on your program with your goals in mind.
Achieve your life-changing goals
Achieve your life-changing goals We help you set clear, specific goals, then map out the pathway to achieving them using the effective 1-3-5 Method.

Client Testimonials

"The service at UFIT is exceptional. From personal training to physio to group classes, there is high quality expertise in all areas. My PT provides a tailored programme to my specific needs in a fun and motivating way. The progress I have made in 2 years is phenomenal and that is down to the people and service UFIT provides. Highly recommend!"
Charlotte DicksonUFIT Club Street Client
"I have had many personal trainers over the years and can speak highly for Devina’s competency, professionalism and individualized approach to her client’s fitness. Like many Asians with a sedentary job, I had issues with body composition (fat vs muscle), endurance and mobility (pelvis and hamstrings). Since training with her I have seen improvements in all of the above."
MO UFIT Orchard Client
"The trainers here are great; they create high quality programs that keep clients on their toes, while pushing them to achieve their fitness goals. I've been training at Ufit for over 2 years now, and I've seen consistent, positive results. Would highly recommend this gym!"
Azrish BUFIT One-North Client

Program Options

We recommend the Ignition Program for all new clients. Once completed, you will have the option to move onto a more personalised program.

12-Week Flexi Pack

12 session pack
12-week expiry
(av frequency - 1 sessions per week)
Access to our Circle of Care
Freeze option


10-Week Ignition Max Program

3 x PT sessions a week (30 total)
3 x in person nutrition consultations & active management throughout

A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) assessment

Unlimited classes
3 x body composition assessments 
10 week expiry 

Freeze option


Program perks


We've included unlimited classes in both our 4 and 6 Week Programs for no additional cost! Why? We believe that our tailored coaching program combined with unlimited classes is the ultimate way to achieve your health and fitness goals.
Indoor classes


As part of your program, you can interchange your personal training sessions with any other 1-1 service in our Circle of Care for no additional cost based on your goals and preferences.
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Personal Training Locations

Outlets you can visit

  • City Hall
  • Club Street
  • One-North
What's your goal?

Whatever the goal, we can help

We are goal obsessed and data driven. We don't just help you set goals and hope that you achieve them, we plan out effective strategies, advise on what other services you should take advantage of, and constantly test and measure your progress to ensure you are on track and staying motivated. 

Athletic Performance-1-1
Athletic Performance
Athletic Performance
Men Strength-1
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Pre/Post Natal Training
Pre/Post Natal Training
Health & Vitality-1-1
Health & Vitality
Health & Vitality
Women Strength-1
Women's Strength Training
Women's Strength Training
Youth Training-1
Youth Athletic Development
Youth Athletic Development
Female Rehab
Female client Strength-1
Muscle Building
Muscle Building
Mobility improved
Improved Mobility
Improved Mobility


Fill out the form below and we will book you in for a call with one of our team, so we can understand your needs and goals, and find out which Personal Trainer is right for you.

Meet a UFIT fitness professional at one of our hubs for a complimentary 45-minute health and fitness consultation. We will set your goals in place using the effective 1-3-5 method, which will leave you feeling motivated to get started. 



Once you’ve committed, we will share your goals, needs and health metrics with your chosen personal trainer. They will then design a highly individualised training program, recommending which other UFIT professionals you should see as part of this, based on your specific needs.

Get onboarded onto the UFIT coaching app and start your personal training program with your chosen coach. We will check in with you every 12 sessions to track your progress and ensure you are on the way to achieving what you set out to.

Book your free health consultation today

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What happens if I don't get through all 12 sessions in the validity period?

We get it - life is busy! Sometimes it is hard to get through all the sessions in the prescribed time. Don’t worry, you have a couple of options available to you: 

Freeze your program: You may freeze your program once per 12 sessions for up to 4 weeks. If you are traveling or sick, this is the best option for you. Simply email to request a freeze, and they will handle the back end admin for you. 

Roll-over sessions: You may roll over up to four sessions from one program to the next, provided you have purchased another set of 12 sessions. Please note, only a maximum of four sessions can ever be rolled over from one program to the next, and the roll-over only happens if the next set of 12 has been purchased.

Share sessions: You may share up to three sessions of your set of 12 with one other friend or family member - a great way to spread the love and also get through your sessions!

How do I freeze my program? You may freeze your program once per 12 sessions for up to 4 weeks. If you are traveling or sick, this is the best option for you. Simply email to request a freeze, and they will handle the back end admin for you.
Can I pay as I go? You can pay as you go with the flexi-pack. This is a 12-session program with a 12 week validity on all sessions. 
Are my card details secure? All payments and credit card details are held by a third party provider - Stripe - which is incredibly secure and protected. 
Can I choose my personal trainer?

You are matched with your PT on the following criteria:

- Your goals
- Your preferred training style, for example you might prefer strength-based barbell work, a more functional style, or more cardio-based workouts
- Your availability
- Your trainer preference, for example you might prefer a male or female personal trainer
- Your budget

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about some of these - we will walk you through all these steps in your health consultation! 

What times can I train?

Our personal trainers are available from 6am to 9pm - just let us know your desired times and we will see who is available to coach you!

Can I use multiple locations as part of my program?

You can use any of our locations as part of your program. You will start initially at your preferred location with your primary coach who will do your programming for you, but you are able to see any other coach for a different 1-1 service eg Physio at any UFIT location as part of your program. 

What is the session duration of each of the other services in the Circle of Care?

- Personal Training - 60 mins
- Pilates - 60 mins
- Massage Therapy - 60 mins
- Nutrition Consultation – 45 mins
- Health, Fitness, Performance Screens - 60 mins
- Physiotherapy - 45 mins
- Osteopathy - 45 mins
- Pilates with Physiotherapist - 45 mins
- Sports Doctor Consultation - 30 mins

How do the professionals work together on my program? All of the UFIT professionals collaborating on your program will have shared access to your data and insights via the new UFIT coaching app. They will know what your goals are and what strategies are in place to get you there, and they will be speaking to you and each other about your progress, your challenges, and the plan in place to overcome these. This is an incredibly unique and powerful approach that we are confident will get you the results you want. 
Is it mandatory to use other services available in the Circle of Care? By no means is it mandatory to use any of our other 1-1 services during your program. If you wish to just continue with Personal Training then that's absolutely fine! Your coach will recommend which other professionals you should see based on your goals and preferences.
How do I book in for the other services in the Circle of Care? Speak to your coach, Whatsapp +65 9489 1136, or book in at the front desk. At the start of your program, you will sit down with your coach to map out what other sessions you want from UFIT, and also what you need to really support you in achieving your goals. Together, you can then create your weekly schedule and book in your sessions with the relevant professionals.
What is the difference between the two levels of personal trainers?

We have two different levels of personal trainers at UFIT: Coach and Advanced.

The difference between these two levels is their experience in the industry, their qualifications, and the results they have demonstrated with their clients at UFIT.

However, please don’t stress - all of our coaches at UFIT are amazing. It is more important to find a coach you click with that's available at the right times and within your budget.

How many times a week should I train?

This is a tough question, and essentially it comes down to your availability and budget!

The 12 session cycles are designed to sustain motivation. Unlike many subscription models (especially in health and fitness), our aim is not to hope for underutilization, but to ensure commitment and results. From our experience, clients who commit to 2-3 sessions per week have a much higher chance of getting results, which is why we introduced a preferential pricing structure to those who do make that commitment.