The LinkedIn Wellness team innovate and implement wellness initiatives that energise, educate, encourage, and engage, LinkedIn talent via onsite, online, and in-community opportunities. UFIT is energised to be LinkedIn Singapore's official Wellness partner. LinkedIn endeavours to remain ahead of the curve in the global employee Wellness sphere. The program focuses on 6 tenets of human performance: Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement and Rest. UFIT's holistic world class approach is a natural fit to helping shape Wellness at LinkedIn.



Our yoga and meditation sessions will have you feeling revitalised and refreshed.


  • Sitting is the new smoking
  • If you don’t move it you lose it
  • Dealing with aches and stiffness
  • How to exercise well when busy and travelling
  • How to maximise sleep quality

Fitness session

  • Outdoor team-building bootcamp
  • Rolling and stretching techniques

Other opportunities

  • We will provide our Clinic team for 2 full days offering 50 slots to help you with movement or even just some treatment on current issues
  • Mobility screen / women’s health / golf and running analysis and massage clinic (full day drop-in)
  • Team bootcamp on the lawn 


Under the expert guidance of our nutritionists you’ll be eating and drinking better.


  • Importance of hydration and knowing when you need more
  • Detoxing from sugar & processed food and introducing healthy, lean food
  • Healthy snacking when you work so much
  • How to eat well while travelling
  • Recipes, cooking demo, try some delicious healthy food

Sample Sessions

  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Tasting sessions
  • Clean & Lean


Your choice of group fitness classes, personal training, physiotherapy, osteopathy and movement screening services. 

Enjoy presentations and classes conducted by meditation coach Dani.

  • Meditation - Old school/ New cool (what is meditation and mindfulness really? Dispelling common misconceptions: why the mind body system is designed to engage)
  • The Breath/Brain connection - (how certain breathing techniques directly alter brainwave patterning and synchronise the central nervous system)
  • The Intelligent Body - (how meditation enables access to the three 'brains' of the body)

Taster sessions

  • Meditation
  • Mat Pilates
  • Pre / Post Natal classes


  • Personal Training

 You can view the full details of the entire LinkedIn Wellness program at: go/Wellness

Please note, program is subject to change, not all UFIT services offered are free of charge, please check with your LinkedIn Studio Account Manager: Simon, or LinkedIn Regional Wellness Coordinator: Khyl.

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