Liam O’Neill




Liam O’Neill (@lrj_oneill) is a personal trainer who began bodybuilding and martial arts at the age of 15. Liam has also explored other aspects of sports including functional fitness, strength training, MMA, yoga and even breath training.

Liam specialises in strength training, peak fitness, skill development, self defence and combat sports. He focuses on his clients’ goals using many different methods pulled from his vast and varied experience so that they can benefit as much as possible. Liam loves keeping things different and changing up workouts to prevent boredom setting in.

Liam has a couple of unknown talents which include baking cakes and also having writing work in print. Lastly, he is not the biggest fan of giant centipedes.  



  • Level 3 Advanced Personal Training & Fitness Coach
  • Parisi Speed School Certified Instructor
  • SBG International MMA Instructor
  • Stripe Purple Belt under Carlson Gracie Lineage
  • Experienced Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Competition Coach