I love the fact that I’ve changed and impacted my clients’ health and well-being. Especially if they come to me with a need to turn their health around. The positive changes that fitness brings to their confidence, health, and mental outlook spurs me on to work even harder and deliver better programs and results.
— lex chan


Martial arts films and cartoons were my earliest fitness inspirations. I grew up watching martial arts heroes such as Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan. These films encouraged me to train hard, and aspire to have their strength and abilities when I grow up.

Being fit and healthy to me means being able to move without pain, and being able to enjoy life to the fullest. My goal is to be able to move well, lift heavy, be powerful, flexible, and have full control over every single joint and keep them moving till I’m in my golden years.

I have a wide range of experience in sports and training methodologies, including body-building workouts, strength & metabolic conditioning, primal movements, gymnastics training, and even basic martial arts training. I bring high energy levels, motivation, and drive to all my sessions. I deliver FUN and results to all my clients. I’m happy to call most of my clients my friends.


My biggest inspiration: 
Bruce Lee

My favourite quote: 
Nothing is impossible. Just how much would you give up for it.

My favourite cheat meal:

Best advice given to me:  
Hard work always trumps talent. Always.

My self-motivation mantra:
Keep grinding. Keep working. Keep pushing.


  • NCSF

  • ZUU Bronze