Kristy Grant

Personal Trainer

Kristy Personal Trainer


Kristy Grant (@kristy_lee_grant) is a personal trainer who has been in the industry all over the world for six years. Kristy has not only coached, but also competed throughout her fitness journey. 

Kristy specialises in a holistic approach to training and loves seeing her clients physically change into something they often cannot imagine. She loves learning about the background of her clients to understand how their mind to body connection works, which in turn helps her to adapt to any personality to unlock skills and qualities they never knew they had.

Kristy believes in maintaining optimal functionality physically and mentally, to continue pushing herself to exceed her limits. Being fit and healthy to her means feeling invincible, alive, full of energy and being in control. Her biggest fear is to be tickled without being able to stop it and her unknown talent is crab walk dancing.



  • Double Diploma in International Fitness and Business