Kristy Grant

Personal Trainer

I have been immersed in the fitness industry for 6 years all over the world, and WOW what a journey it has been.
— kristy grant


Having fully immersed herself in the industry for 6 years all over the world, Kristy has competed and coached in her fitness journey. The drive and ambition to help others discover their true potential is what gets her out of bed every morning.

Personally, Kristy believes in maintaining optimal functionality physically and mentally and to continue pushing herself to exceed her limits. Being fit and healthy to her means feeling invincible, alive, full of energy and being in control.

Specialising in a holistic approach to training, Kristy loves seeing her clients physically change into something they often cannot imagine. She loves learning the backgrounds of her clients to understand how their mind to body connection works, which in turn helps her to adapt to any personality to unlock skills and qualities they never knew they had.


My Biggest Inspiration: My friends close to me that push me to ultimate heights.   

My favourite quote: “Nobody will stop you from creating, Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow. The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterwards.”

Go-to workout music: Old Time Classics

My favourite cheat meal: Gourmet ice-cream

My unknown talent: I can crab walk dance!

My biggest fear: Being tickled without being able to stop it.

Best piece of advice given to me: You’re so young, go for it.

My workout war cry/self-motivation mantra: “Nothing is worth more than a laughter, It is strength to laugh and abandon oneself, to be light.” In other words. Shake it off, laugh it off, enjoy it.


  • Double Diploma in International Fitness and Business