Jia Xin Seetoh

Personal Trainer

JiaXin Personal Trainer


Jia Xin (@jiaxinseetoh) is a personal trainer that enjoys all forms of sports, from wakeboarding, rock climbing, diving to powerlifting. Her main focus however, is on bodybuilding and she is currently a Professional IFBB Pro League athlete competing in the figure category representing Singapore.

Jia believes in balance for training and nutrition. She understands that education and motivation is the most important aspect of working with her clients, and that training should be fun and challenging instead of being “torturous”. She is able to handle most types of clients, especially women’s fitness, shaping and toning, butt building, body transformation (muscle gain/fat loss), Powerlifting and strength work. 

Outside of the gym, Jia finds joy in doing other fun activities, sleeping well, managing her stress and having time for her family and her 3 dogs. She is also great and making pastries, being a pastry chef prior to being a trainer.



  • Precision Nutrition Lv 1
  • Youth Exercise Specialist
  • Pre post natal
  • IASTM practitioner