Jayme Ng

Personal Trainer

Jayme Ng Personal Trainer at UFIT Studio Fairmont


Jayme (@jaymejoyng) is a personal trainer with a background in running during her teenage years. She was also involved in Taekwondo during her school days and Muay Thai in her spare time. She started hitting the weights following a running injury and eventually placed 1st runner up in a physique competition in the bikini division in 2018.

She specialises in working with female clients looking to tone up and keep fit and is very versatile with her style of training as she understands there is more than one method for each individual. Constantly learning to bring the best to her clients, she also loves seeing them progress and enjoys their companionship during the training sessions.

Jayme has many personal fitness goals, be it Muay Thai for self-defence, calisthenics for functional fitness and being able to do muscle-ups and handstand walks, weight training to be strong, and even riding her bike to save on transport costs. She trains because she wants to be fit and healthy at 80. Outside of the gym, she is able to laugh at anything but has a fear for lizards.



  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1 Certified
  • Pre/Post-Natal Certified
  • Stretch Certified
  • TRX Level 1 Certified
  • STOTT Mat Pilates Trained
  • STOTT Reformer Pilates Trained
  • CrossFit Online Level 1 Certified