Jay Rao

Personal Trainer



Watching his dad play football around Asia growing up, Jay (@jay____rao) followed in his footsteps and played competitively throughout school. Looking to put on more size, he started hitting the gym when he was 16 and eventually found a new passion.

Jay’s strength lies in identifying his clients’ goals and putting a plan in place to work closely together to achieve results in a realistic time frame. His training programs are built around the clients’ needs after careful assessments, also taking into account any injury history.

Outside of the gym, Jay draws portraits and his go-to cheat meal is Belgian chocolate ice cream. Also, try not to get him near grasshoppers as he is not the biggest fan of them.


  • Body composition
  • Mobility integration
  • Functional training
  • Strength training


  • Certified Personal Training Foundation by Fitness First Singapore
  • Master Functional Training (FTI) Level 2

"Before coming to UFIT, I used to attend a HIIT class 4-5 times a week. When I got plantar fasciitis, I was unable to train without aggravating it, which left me unable to walk pain-free and sleepless nights. Physiotherapy helped but I only undid all the good work when I exercised again. My UFIT coach Jay has taken my injuries into account and has built sessions to include the right level of challenge, which is progressive over time and he also selects exercises that will improve my fitness and strength without aggravating my plantar fasciitis. Jay ensures that my technique when doing the exercises are correct so I don't injure myself further. This is important in the long term when I exercise on my own. Now after a PT session, I feel exhausted but motivated and most importantly pain-free."
UFIT Personal Training client

"I started at UFIT from a friend’s recommendation and experience, about personal training, as well as what I researched online. I was looking to lose weight and get fitter and stronger to play better in the sports that I played in my free time. I’ve learnt a lot about my own body in the short time I’ve been with UFIT, and the focus given by PT to build my foundation has helped me greatly to work on areas of weakness, such as core strength and back engagement, to elevate my game on the court elsewhere."

UFIT Personal Training client