Ng Hong Wei


I love the experience of seeing someone in the process of getting started, it reminds me of myself when I first started and gets me excited, knowing that they won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in my younger years with the right guidance.
— Hong Wei


Hong Wei has been training since he was 14, starting out mainly with calisthenics before falling in love with the weights after a few years. Additionally, he was also actively involved in Muay Thai. He enjoyed the process of seeing his strength improve on his lifts and slowly gravitated towards Powerlifting, citing the inner peace from focusing on lifting to be calming.

With 7 years of experience in working with clients to help them move better and get stronger, Hong Wei believes that training is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle when coupled with a healthy and balanced diet.

Believing that being fit and healthy means being responsible to those around him, Hong Wei believes in taking care of himself, which would enable him to take care of others around him. He utilises his knowledge in nutrition and biomechanics of lifting to help his clients improve their body composition and finds passion in helping people get started in their fitness journey.


My Biggest Inspiration: I wanted to say Arnold Schwarzenegger but I won’t. It is Greg Plitt (1977-2015)

My favourite quote: “Today is the oldest that you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be again.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Go-to workout music: The clanging of the weight plates.

My favourite cheat meal: Donuts.

My unknown talent: I am a relationship advisor!

My biggest fear: Disappointing my loved ones.

Best piece of advice given to me: “Always be transparent, if you don’t tell others your intention; then they would second guess your motivation. The price for judging others is that you judge yourself.”

My workout war cry/self-motivation mantra: I imagine myself overcoming the might of a lion.


  • BSc in Sport and Exercise Science

  • FIC (Fitness Instructor Certificate)

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer