Personally, I found that fitness contributes to all aspects of life, in terms of productivity, perseverance, overall wellbeing and most importantly having the vitality to fully enjoy life.
— henri-charl terblanche


With a fascination for the human body’s physiological ability to adapt to training and respond to different demands, Henri ventured into the world of sports and fitness. He competed in a range of sports from a young age including rugby, football, field hockey, swimming, golf, distance running and adventure racing. Most notably, middle distance athletics (800m, 1500m) and mountain biking. He has also worked as a strength and conditioning coach to the Bulls Super Rugby franchise in South Africa while continuing with sports physiological research with the University of Pretoria.

Henri believes that the greatest achievement in fitness is perfect lifestyle balance encompassing being strong, fit, fast and flexible, which is the foundation of a happy, healthy lifestyle and sports performance.

Working across a wide array of different clients and athletes keeps Henri’s work interesting, from a strength and conditioning standpoint he specialises in athletic movement and improving physiological performance (strength, speed, endurance, power, explosiveness, stability, etc.)

Having a keen interest in understanding the nuances of exercises and people, Henri helps his clients build solid foundations, instilling sound movement patterns and techniques to prevent injuries and to aid training consistency and progression. He finds motivation in hearing peoples’ stories and helping them improve themselves.


Who is your biggest inspiration: Anyone who greatly rises above their circumstances and keeps a cheerful heart.

What is your favourite quote: “With patience first and patience last, and doggedness all through, A man can think the wildest thoughts, and make them all come true.” - George Psychoundakis

Go-to workout music: Old-school Rock.

Favourite cheat meal: Lasagne

Your unknown talent: Fixing things by referring to YouTube tutorials.

Your biggest fear: Airborne disease.

Best advice given to you: Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.

Workout war cry/ self-motivation mantra: “Think of your excuses and keep the ones that are valid. Now realise, that even though they are valid excuses, they are keeping you from growing and reaching your potential. Now throw them out and get on with it!”


•      MSc and BSc Hons. degrees in Sport Physiology

•      Bachelors degree in Human Movement Science

•      Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - NSCA

•      Sports remedial massage therapy

•      SARU Boksmart accredited

•      World Rugby Level 1 Coaching

•      HFPA Advanced certification in Exercise Science