What is Health and Performance Screening?

Understand yourself with health and fitness markers

So you have decided to make a change for the better and take charge of your health and fitness. A holistic approach to this is more than just "eating right" and "working out". There are different markers that help you assess your health and fitness state.

Knowing your levels of wellbeing

Knowledge and understanding of markers such as your blood pressure, blood glucose levels and blood cholesterol levels can help with developing individualised and tailored programs that cater to you. This is also beneficial for progress tracking, and the different markers can be assessed and re-assessed to measure improvement.

Prevention is better than cure

Preventative care is key to preventing issues like Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Positive lifestyle changes can be put in place after screening for risk factors that are likely to lead to CVD. This leads to longevity and a better quality of life. 

Take charge of your health

Know more about your health markers and how you can improve your wellness with us. 


Take your performance to the next level

Besides screening for your health markers, screening and testing can also be very beneficial for an individual or athlete looking to make use of data, identify specific training zones and train more precisely and get results.

science and data-driven approach

Support your sporting performance with highly individualised training prescription based on your specific physiology - allowing your training to be taken to the next level of performance.

Unlock your true potential

Whether you are interested to understand how different markers affect your performance or an athlete looking to maximise your potential, Performance Screening is something that can greatly benefit you.



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