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Harry Cochrane

Head Coach Indoor Classes (Club Street) & Personal Trainer

Harry has always been involved within the sporting environment since young. Fascinated with the capability of the human body and always looking to push himself to his physical and mental limit, Harry decided to pursue a career in fitness. He has seen first-hand the profound impact health and fitness can have on people’s lives which is what pushes him to do his best for his clients. 

Being fit enables Harry to live the lifestyle he loves! He never feels lethargic, and it allows him to get around his day with energy and a strong mindset. Harry is a people's person where being in a team environment allows him to thrive off his team mates' achievements and seeing them achieve their athletic and fitness potential through proper nutrition and training.

Harry believes in striking a balance between functional training and aesthetics. He successfully runs his bootcamp business where he enjoys leading group style training. 


  • Bsc sports performance Degree
  • Level 3 personal trainer 
  • FNS nutrition 
  • Corrective exercise specialist 
  • RFU level 2 coach
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