Fred Silcock

Personal Trainer

I love working with people who are serious about making changes, and most importantly, turning people’s perception of coming into to the gym as a chore into something that they love… or at least like!
— fred silcock


Having studied Sports Science and Management at Loughborough University, Fred has always had a huge passion for sport and more specifically, how the body works and moves. He was determined to expand his knowledge in training after he was forced to retire from professional rugby in 2014. He became a level 3 personal training and then further undertook courses in functional training and mobility, which is key to him creating training programs that are balanced and with a multi-faceted approach to health and fitness.

Currently in his quest to perform a “Press to Handstand”, Fred’s goal is to continue developing a functional frame that allows him to stay in shape through lifting and high intensity training while at the same time learning new skills to make training fun.

Believing in balance in training programs and in our lifestyle, Fred helps his clients understand that training to look good does not mean sacrificing the ability to move properly and functionally. Having dealt with multiple injuries in the past, he also has a thorough understanding on regression and progression in workouts across a large range of movement patterns.

With specialisations in sports rehabilitation, mobility, strength and conditioning, gymnastics and athletic performance, Fred finds joy in changing his clients’ perception of going to the gym as a chore and is committed to helping them enjoy the process.


My Biggest Inspiration: Aubrey Marcus (Owner of Onnit, Total Human Optimzation)   

My favourite quote: “Tenacity in adversity.”

Go-to workout music: House and Techno, no dispute.

My favourite cheat meal: Burgers

My unknown talent: I only possess a few so I don’t have the luxury of keeping anything under wraps! ;)

My biggest fear: Chickens.

Best piece of advice given to me: Learn to love yourself before you love anyone else.

My workout war cry/self-motivation mantra: “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”


  • BSc, Sports & Exercise Science, Loughborough University
  • MSc, International Business Management, Loughborough University
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Functional Range Conditioning Certified (Mobility)