Fiona Chia


UFIT Fiona Nutritionist 02


Fiona (@fionaying_nutrition) finds her calling in relating the science of food to human health from her strong passion to help her father to quit smoking. She specializes in helping clients achieve weight gain/loss targets and have worked with many female clients on improving their general health or alleviate female-specific health issues. 

To Fiona, being fit and healthy means living the best quality of life no matter her age. She has set a personal goal to live to at least a century year old, and travel to places well within her means. Fiona feels most energetic and alive when out in nature and enjoys outdoor activities. 

Fiona’s tailored approach to her nutrition clients stem from understanding that every client she meets comes from various backgrounds, body types and has different areas of concerns and needs. Her strength is that she is able to provide personalised dietary solutions that are fun and easy to uptake, ensuring long-term success for her clients, long after completing their sessions with her. Fiona is also a very determined individual whom will go the extra mile to support her clients, whilst utilizing many ways to ensure her clients hit their nutritional goals. 

Fiona feels a great sense of achievement and purpose knowing that her clients are happy and relieved to have their nutritional concerns eradicated. Furthermore, Fiona believes in building long-term relationships with the people that she meets by equipping and supporting them in their nutritional journey and eventually meeting their nutritional goals. 


  • MSc Human Nutrition