Become the better version of yourself by working with one of our expert coaches to help you on a journey that will transform your body and mind. 

Your program will be fully personalised and provide you with the workout sessions to help you make dramatic changes to your weight and body shape over a short span of time. The sessions will include a mixture of strength, cardiovascular fitness, and mobility, all designed specifically according to your training history, goals, injuries, and your training environment. Your coach will also provide you with life-changing habits and tips so the results last a lifetime. 



Your weight is defined not only by the exercise you do but also what food you are eating. When you work on nutrition and fitness together you get dramatic results - with a lean, well-sculpted body that looks great, functions well, and is much healthier. That’s why with this program you will receive a good balance of fitness and nutrition coaching from your coach.

Our approach to weight-loss is not about starving, meal replacements, or pushing you tirelessly in the gym. We will have you eating healthy, real food that you like and working out with a sensible and effective training plan that suits your lifestyle, including stress management and sleep strategies.

Your program will be delivered through our mobile app which will provide you with direct access to your coach. You will also have weekly check-ins to continually assess your progress on top of a monthly call to discuss and plan up-and-coming training cycles. 


tailored exercise programs

Progressive exercise program that fits your goals and lifestyle and continuing support and feedback from your coach to keep you accountable and on track.


ongoing nutrition guidance

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching that removes all the guesswork 


Data driven

Focus on long term and sustainable results all delivered through our easy-to-use coaching app



The regular online sessions have contributed to my 20kg weight loss this year. It’s the first time in 20 years I’m no longer "obese" on the BMI scale! They complimented the tennis and cycling I had been doing and just being fitter and stronger has helped me cycle longer and feel better and more energetic during the day.

Maarten Commissaris
UFIT Online Coaching Client