Aaron Jones

strength & hypertrophy trainer

UFIT Education
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Formed to meet the growing demand for expert knowledge in the scientific application of personal fitness and nutrition, both on the sporting field and in the business environment.

Whether you are a sports coach or a personal trainer, UFIT Education has a CPD course for you. If you are a competitive athlete, or if your kids are budding sports stars of the future, the UFIT Education specialist coaches can give you a head start to succeed in the competitive world of professional sports.



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Aaron is our specialist Strength and Hypertrophy trainer. He brings a unique combination of practical knowledge overlaid with his formal PT qualifications, having spent over four years as a British Commando where he learned the techniques for creating body frame strength and by his thirst for knowledge which has led to him testing and analysing 99% of available training techniques. 

Aaron has experience in body transformations, mixed groups and hypertrophy specific training.


  • level 3 REPS certified personal trainer.
  • Level 2 kettle bell instructor.
  • Level 2 circuit instructor.