Dylan Goddard


Dylan Goddard

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got!
— dylan goddard

about ME

“I’ve grown up always wanting to see how far I can push myself. My competitive nature has kept me focused on achieving the goals that I’ve set for myself. When I was growing up, I played just about every sport I could. I exceled in Rugby, Athletics and Squash, and competed at the provincial level in my teenage years. After leaving school, I spent years competing in competitive bodybuilding, Mixed Martial Arts, and competitive mountain biking. And over the recent years, I have competed in CrossFit which remains to be as challenging as ever.

With close to a decade in the fitness industry, my strength as a trainer is the ability to relate to my clients really well, and keep them motivated and accountable to the goals they have set out for themselves. In return, the knowledge, wisdom, and stories my clients have shared with me over the years have been the best thing about my coaching career. Focusing on longevity is the most important personal fitness goal for me. To be able to enjoy life to its fullest because I’m healthy, strong, and fit is what motivates me, and drives the work I do with my clients.”

Get-to-know-me trivia

My biggest inspiration:
Arnold Schwarzenegger

My unknown talent:
I’m a pretty decent chef

My favourite cheat meal:
Baby back ribs and milkshakes!

My biggest fear:

Best advice given to me:  
If you want something done, go and do it yourself!


  • Crossfit Level 2 Coach

  • Qualified Personal Trainer (national Federation of Professional Trainers-USA)

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach