Held in partnership with The Providore, UFIT Clean & Lean cooking classes cover the many benefits of eating a low carb diet that is rich in proteins and good fats. We will demonstrate how to replace carbs with other foods in a way that will keep us full, contented and allow us to fully enjoy our meals. We will also demonstrate easy ways to prepare healthy food at home that not only keeps us energized and full, but is also beneficial to us and our families. 

Friday, 20 October at 10AM


We will discuss the benefits of keeping a low sugar intake and restraining from highly processed foods. We will teach how to swap refined ingredients for healthier alternatives and prepare recipes from the exclusive cookbook handled out to the participants.

Wednesday, 1 November at 3PM


We will discuss about what balanced nutrition is and the benefits of eating wholesome food and how to reach an adequate protein intake following plant-based diet. We will demonstrate how to prepare easy healthy food at home that will keep us fueled and happy. We will share our preparations over lunch and handle out more recipes to try at home.



Sofia Bon Foster

A certified Psychologist and Nutrition Coach, has been working in the industry for the last six years, devoted to promoting health and integrative wellness. Her specialities include coaching, skill enhancement and counselling. As a foodie herself, she has found a way to help clients to give their favorite foods a healthier twist by recipe development. She believes with all her heart that we can transform ourselves if we make the choice and that we don't have to sacrifice 'delicious' to be 'healthy'


Wendy Riddell

Wendy hails from Aberdeen Scotland, graduating from Robert Gordon University with a Bsc Nutrition. Wendy has always had an immense passion for health and fitness and has always felt that small changes in people’s lives long term make big health benefits. In short she doesn’t feel it needs to be difficult or expensive to live a healthy happy life. Wendy is currently the Nutrition Manager and Bootcamp Director at UFIT.