What is UFIT Conditioning Class all about?


Conditioning is a class based around Metabolic training and functional fitness. The class will include Airdynes, Ski-ergs, landmines, KBs, TRX, Resistance bands and bodyweight exercises to provide and challenging full body workout targeting all muscles of the body.

Our philosophy is ‘focused group training with intelligent program design’ - we are not just “smash and go!” We will train you hard using smart metabolic conditioning programming designed to improve your health and performance over the long term.

What can you expect?

  • World class session planning
  • High level coaching, focusing on client progress
  • Breakdown of techniques for long term training improvements
  • A challenging, scaled metabolic conditioning workout
  • A positive, challenging training environment designed to bring out your best

Who is this class for?

  • This is an Intermediate/Advanced class 
  • Anyone who is cleared for exercise and looking to increase fitness levels within a group setting can join
  • This class is best suited to people with a background in functional training and some level of weight training experience is preferred