Chuan Yu


Chuan Yu


Foo Chuan Yu (better known in the jungle as CY) was a Singapore National Water Polo player. He played for the national water polo team since he was 15.  He has represented the state in numerous international competitions, including the ASIAN GAMES in 2010.

CY continued to serve his nation in the military for 5 years, during which he ruptured 3 ankle ligaments. For rehabilitation, he decided to try out CrossFit and that's where his relationship with CrossFit started. The rest they say… is history.

CY loves what CrossFit stands for, pushing oneself to the best everyday. CY fell in love with the community at CrossFit Bukit Timah. Through CrossFit, he also found Olympic Weightlifting where he has high hopes.

Taking his passion for CrossFit and weightlifting further, CY left the military and join CrossFit Bukit Timah as Community Manager and most recently, as Head Coach. His rambunctious energy is infectious - his secret to winning hearts within the tribe… and beyond!