Join the UFIT team

Here at UFIT we are always interested in hearing from first class individuals with a great work ethic and a burning desire to improve and learn. Whether it be in: personal training, physiotherapy, nutrition, group training, sports rehab, pretty much anything health and fitness related! UFIT aims to be the best employer in the industry for you to be part of the leading team of the industry, so we are putting together an awesome team in place where everyone can live their dream job and have fun. We know as an organisation in the fitness industry how much support is required in multi-disciplinary aspects of running the business, therefore UFIT have also been scoping out business support teams in functions of administrative, operations, finance, marketing, sales, human resources and development as well. Even if you are still pursuing your education, or have no prior experience but would love to join us, UFIT offers internship positions as well; There’s plenty of opportunities for anyone and everyone!

If you think you have the skill set we need, or simply the passion to join our best-in-class team please send your CV to UFIT Team Director  or fill up the form below:

UFIT is Currently looking to fill the following roles urgently:

Multimedia Designer

We are looking for a Multimedia Designer to join our growing marketing and communications team.

The Multimedia Designer will be responsible for the production of all artworks, video assets, posters, graphic-related materials for UFIT’s marketing collaterals.

As a Multimedia Designer with UFIT, you will get to:

  • Have an active involvement in the development and refinement of UFIT’s brand guidelines.

  • Exercise your creativity to come up with persuasive and eye-catching collateral designs that will be used across UFIT’s online and offline platforms.

  • Work in a dynamic and fast-growing environment, amongst passionate and motivated individuals.

If you are passionate about marketing and the fitness industry; and you think you can inspire our community and effectively communicate with our stakeholders, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

See the full job specification below.

Content Editor

We are looking for a Content Editor to join our growing marketing and communications team.

The Content Editor will be responsible for the creative writing of UFIT’s communications. The incumbent will essentially be in the gatekeeper position to direct the voice and tone of UFIT’s branding, content and outreach. The Content Editor will report into the marketing manager of UFIT.

Why work with UFIT?

  • Be at the forefront of with developments and generate new ideas to draw audience’s attention, growing and funnelling marketing qualified leads

  • Ensure brand consistency as the content custodian of the organisation

  • Have a meaningful impact on growing and developing UFIT’s intangible branding experience, influencing the network of fitness clients – the largest community in Singapore.

If you are passionate about marketing and the fitness industry; and you think you can inspire our community and effectively communicate with our stakeholders, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Personal Trainer

UFIT’s personal training service have grown tremendously over the past few years on the backbone of quality results our clients have been getting. With growing circle of community and demand, we are constantly hiring personal trainers across UFIT! If you’re a qualified personal trainer, or would like to join the industry to work hard and help clients, come speak to us. 

Why work for UFIT?

  • Work with the best-in-class trainers

  • Advance your career with leading fitness industry experts to guide you

  • Help to make a difference to make a change to our members lives

  • Work in a culture driven by passion, excellence and the best work ethic as a team that is driven by achieving results for our community. 

See the full job specification below.


UFIT has grown our clinic services to help clients recover, rehab and recharge for the next better training. We are a collection of professionals from a range of different disciplines, working together to provide a holistic approach to the treatment and pain relief of our clients. Staff professional development and further education is one of our guiding principals, and one which we are deeply committed to. If you’re a qualified physio or therapist, come speak to us. 

Why work for UFIT?

  • Whilst all being experts in our own fields, we are humble enough to listen and learn, and work with each other to provide the best care for our patients.

  • Singapore's best sports medicine and therapy treatment team, as voted by Expat Living Magazine readers and Fitness Best Award

  • Work with a team of top class physios, osteos, nutritionists, massage therapists all working together, giving the best medical and professional care possible to our clients


If you have a specific interest and have carried out higher education within a discipline related to the health and fitness industry and would like to gain experience within Singapore’s largest independent Health and Fitness brand please send you CV along with a cover letter explaining why you would want to work for UFIT to