class credits 


What do my credits buy?

1 Outdoor Class - 10 Credits

1 Premium Outdoor/CrossFit Class - 12 Credits

1 Indoor Class/Youth Academy Class - 16 Credits


For example:

100 credits could get me 10 outdoor classes.


What will happen to my current Unlimited UFIT Bootcamps/CrossFit Package?

Don’t worry, your current Unlimited UFIT Package will still be valid until it expires. If your package expires by 1 December 2019, and you choose not to take this deal, you will move to the new credits system to attend the group classes.


How will the new payment scheme affect me moving forward?

The introduction of the class credits system serves to streamline your experience and provide you with ease of booking, for us to continue our promise and commitment to offering the best group training service.
*There will also be an adjustment to your monthly package fees (due to GST) from 1 October 2019 onwards


What has happened to my favourite class as it is not on the schedule anymore?

In our efforts to offer you a streamlined and readily accessible group training service, we have restructured some of our classes so our team will be able to continue maintaining our high standards for you.


Why has the timing changed for my favourite class?

Similar to the above point, the timings for some of your favourite classes have been amended to facilitate the most optimal timings for everyone attending based on the locations, while continuing to maintain the high standards of the sessions.


I have previously purchased the Portable Exercise Kit (PEK) but have never used it, would I be eligible for a refund?

Kindly hold on to your PEK, with the introduction of the new exciting classes such as MOVE and BUILD, we will be utilising the PEK to complement the classes for a better experience.


Where is my favourite UFIT Bootcamps coach now?

With the continued effort to maintain and enhance your group classes experience, we have moved some of our coaches around the different class categories to offer you the highest standards during the sessions.


Will my current remaining UFIT Bootcamps Session Package be converted to class credits?

Your current UFIT Bootcamps Session Package will remain as is and you can continue booking the classes with your package. Once your package has expired you will be able to purchase the class credits for your future classes.


Will I be purchasing the class credits via a new app?

Don’t worry, your purchase of the class credits will be done through your current UFIT app.


When will the new class structure take effect?

The new class structure will commence on 1 October, and we will be working to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible for you.


What are the additional classes that I am eligible for when I am on the Premium Bootcamps Legacy Membership?

The additional class that you will be able to experience is HIIT.


As an AIS parent, what does this mean for me?

You are welcome to join the Bootcamps Legacy Membership, or move to the credit system. We are currently working with AIS for a potential termly offer, which we will communicate directly to you as soon as we have updates.


How does this change affect my experience?

This is not a change, but merely an evolution of our group training classes to offer you the best experience so you can continually improve your health and fitness under our coaching and guidance. We look forward to seeing you at our classes as you continue to make well-informed decisions for your health. For any other questions, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to clarify any doubts.