September 17, 2020

18 Useful Warmup Drills You Can Do Before A Run

The warm up is a very important part of a run so to make sure that we get it right, our avid runner and Senior Physiotherapist Máire Nic Amhlaoibh is here with some warm-up exercises you can do before you head off for your next run or race!

The following dynamic warm-up exercises will help you to get your muscles activated and firing properly.

Maire Warm Up

Warm-up Drills

  1. Cat and Camel x3 reps
  2. Mid back rotation x3 each way
  3. Hip extension x3 each
  4. Knee extension x3 each
  5. Lunge spine twist x3 each side
  6. Pigeon glute activation x3 reps
  7. Downward dog + heel marches x10 reps
  8. Repeat exercise 3-7 on the other leg
  9. Upward dog + shoulder rolls + downward dog x3 sets
  10. Hamstring nerve glide x10 reps each
  11. Bent knee hip twist x3 reps each side
  12. Glute bridge x10 reps
  13. Spinal twist x3 reps each side
  14. 90/90 seated hip twist x3 reps each
  15. Hip flexor stretch + 3 side bends each
  16. Mid back twist x3 reps each side
  17. Overhead stretch - 10secs
  18. Chest stretch - 10secs
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Máire began her career as an athletic therapist and trainer. Whilst in university she completed courses in trigger point release, Kinesio® taping, massage, muscle energy technique and myofascial release to name but a few. 

She went on to complete her Masters in Physiotherapy in Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Here she began working with multiple semi-professional rugby clubs to further her experience with sports injuries and rehabilitation. 

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