Meet our awesome Stars of the Month!

Here's what our awesome Bootcampers have to say and why they're hooked!

Our Bootcampers come back time and time again and they are truly the foundation of our community. We're a team of dedicated individuals striving for a healthier lifestyle built on friendship, fun and exercise. No matter what level you're at we have all start from somewhere and the amazing results we have seen over the years is amazing. 

Say hi to Corey & Sarah!

Meet Corey & Sarah

Meet Corey & Sarah

Sarah & Corey are two of our top bootcampers that join us on a regular basis. They're truly an awesome team and always give it 100%. Here's what they have to say about their experience with UFIT Bootcamps so far...

"Corey began after he arrived in Singapore back in 2011, mainly because Adam was his only mate in Singapore but also because bee hoon added about 7kg to his mid-section. Corey then introduced Sarah to the classes once they met one another in early 2013.

Goals upon joining were simply to stay fit and active in an outdoor and social setting. Best bits have been the lovely group of friends we’ve made through the years as well as constant increase in fitness and strength. We particularly like the boot camps at Fort Canning.

Rarely will you not see us show up for boot camp together. Even on Saturdays when Corey then has to play two games of touch footy in the afternoon he doesn’t want to miss out!"

For their prize they received an amazing voucher to spend at Soi 60 Thai 

Say hi to Ashley Ragno!

Meet Ashley - our superstar!

Meet Ashley - our superstar!

Ashley is a great asset to all of our bootcamps that she attends. Always smiling and working so hard we love having her as part of the team - keep it up girl!

"I started with UFIT 18 months ago to help prepare for my first Triathlon. Having never done anything fitness related - and I do mean NEVER - this was a pretty daunting! Thank goodness for UFIT as the bootcamps immensely helped. I felt confident and more than capable of completing the race.

After the race I realised that I enjoyed the challenges of the bootcamps and need that energiser in the morning. I have loved the camaraderie, dedication and friendly competition. I dread the day that our Singapore journey ends and I have to attempt to find this elsewhere!

In the last few months I've been dealing with an injury and having the support of the trainers has been great. Even though I feel like I've pulled back, I seem to be stronger and fitter than ever!🏻 Obviously all of those burpies, bear crawls and mountain climbers in lieu of running have done their job." :."

For Ashley's prize she received an amazing voucher to spend with BASE Athletica

Say hi to Kim Downs

Meet Kim Downs

Meet Kim Downs

Kim is an absolute trooper and such a pleasure to have at our bootcamps. Keep up the hard work Kim! 

"I needed something that offered a way to train cost effectively and with the flexibility to train on different days and times. The variety of classes and trainers also meant I wouldn’t get bored or stuck in a routine, which was key to consistently turning up and maintaining a programme. 

My goals were to improve my jogging (shuffling), bone strength and increased flexibility. Over time the bootcamps have actually become my main mode of training.

The trainers are awesome - so supportive even when you can’t quite ‘grasp’ the instruction (Wendy I will get there) and consistently encouraging you to give it your best shot. The camaraderie of the other woman in the group is another bonus. Connecting with likeminded individual and being part of a community is great."

For Kim's prize she received an amazing voucher to spend at Sabine's Baskets!

Say hi to Lyn Stephen

Lyn attends so many of our classes each and every week without fail. Dedicated, hardworking and an absolutely amazing lady to have attend our bootcamps! Thanks for being part of our team Lyn!

"I started attending bootcamps back in June last year after my friend invited me along. I remember the bootcamps to begin with were really tough, with lots of burpies, stairs etc. but after the class I always felt great and never regretted going, before long I found myself hooked and booking up classes for the week. 

I try to attend the 4 bootcamps at Sentosa Cove every week, 3 with Bex that includes F.I.T max and HIITFIT and F.I.T cardio-box with Lawrence on a Saturday morning. Recently I have also started some group sessions with Wendy at the UFIT gym at one north. I love the variety the classes offer, the coaches are so passionate about what they do and really keep us motivated. It has been really nice working out with friends and meeting some lovely people along the way.

My goal was to improve my fitness and adapt a more healthier lifestyle. I notice a big difference in my fitness and now wake up looking forward to working out."

For Lyn's prize she received an amazing voucher to spend at Sole House