Mud, mud, glorious mud - UFIT take on Tough Mudder Bali by storm!

The UFIT team represented the little red dot in force at the start of October. We wore our red tees in style and as a team of over 35 we flew to Jimbaran to take on what Tough Mudder describes themselves as the 'toughest event on the planet! 

Photo credit: Thomas J Cheney

Photo credit: Thomas J Cheney

This was Asia's first experience of Tough Mudder and UFIT was proudly representing Singapore as an official training partner of the team event. We spent a few months preparing with our especially designed obstacle sessions every Sunday as well as UFIT Bootcamp sessions including HIITFIT, RUNFIT, Fit Max and Fit Elite to help get us prepared and build our team spirit. We used our awesome facilities in the jungle at CrossFit Bukit Timah which has all the important equipment to work on our skills, strength and endurance. 

Time flew by and before we knew it we were off to take on the event itself! Pre race nerves were kicking in that we actually had to complete 21km. Much to some of our team’s relief we were only doing 13km as a result of the extreme heat at 8am. Others wanted to complete the 21km and hopefully next year we’ll be able to come back bigger and stronger to complete the full course. 

We were instantly faced with mud and expected nothing less. Plunging into mud pits sliding around, to climbing walls, crawling, and then lying backwards in a cage with a small gap for our faces to poke out to breathe. The obstacles are certainly testing for those with fears. The beauty of this event is that you have your team mates by your side every step of the way to help give that important leg up and keep the team spirit buzzing, laughing and encouraging all of the way. 

One of our most favourite obstacles was the 'Ice Breaker.' Given the heat this plunge into ice water was extremely welcome. Well not entirely true. To conquer the obstacle you slide into a skip full to the brim of ice and water. Full credit to Tough Mudder on this as it quite literally took our breath away. Not only do you plunge into the water but you have to dip your head under a barrier again to reach extremely cold temperatures where you find yourself at the edge of the skip to pull yourself out as quickly as possible. We managed to get these moments captured...

It was that cold - great shot of Wendy Riddell in action.

It was that cold - great shot of Wendy Riddell in action.

We can't wait to take part in more of these team events in the future going head strong and showing what we can achieve as a team. Here's what some of the team had to say...

Alison and I were both excited and nervous ahead of the inaugural Tough Mudder in Bali, Indonesia. UFIT was an awesome partner in this event, providing specific weekly training leading up to the race, organising accommodation, not to forget the post race dinner and drinks.

Event itself was well run, perhaps a little disappointing that the course and obstacles were reduced with no notice. The camaraderie from the whole of the UFIT Team during the race was superb. Everyone played their part in helping each other conquer obstacles (Nathan & Declan perhaps more than others) sticking as a group when running in between them and given moral support when needed.

Can’t wait to do it all again in 2017!!

Highlight of weekend…..Nathan Williams, Rob Davies & Tim Moylan busting shapes in Favella!
— Alison & Stuart Hau


Bring on the next challenges we face and let's smash them together. At UFIT, together we're fitter, leaner, stronger. 

Not only are running events in Singapore extremely popular in recent years, but we've seen a significant increase in obstacle events take to our shores. UFIT has created specific training sessions to help teams prepare not only for the endurance and strength elements of these races but also the technical parts including rope climbs, monkey bars, crawls, tyre flips and drags to sandbag carrying. Held at our awesome outdoor location at CrossFit Bukit Timah we run these every Sunday at 8:15am to beat the heat and get race ready. Challenge yourself and get prepared with UFIT. Find out more information here.

Here's a collection of our awesome Team UFIT weekend away!

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Photo credit: Thomas J Cheney

Author: Lizzie Wright