Getting to under 100kg after 15 years

Rob Hewitson lost 7.2% body fat in the last UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge. During that process he lost a staggering 11.4kg and at the end of the Challenge shared with us: 

"It’s been a great 4 weeks! The before and after photos are unbelievable! Really don't want to go back there, especially as I thought I was in OK shape before!! Told you I was competitive …" 

He shared his experience with us some more:

1. What made you decide to do the challenge?

I am coming up to a significant birthday and having been over 100kg (always 108-110kg) for about 15 years, felt it was time to give it a proper go at getting into double figures and staying there!


2. How did you find it in the beginning and the end?

In the beginning I felt very dizzy and lightheaded, plus exceptionally grumpy. I wasn't great to be around! I found it easy to maintain the food menus and exercise but I dreamt about beer and whisky … A LOT!

I found I lost a lot of weight in the first week then hit a plateau and it wasn’t until week 4 when I started to see the scales really change. It is worth sticking with it.

3. What was the most difficult and easiest part?

The hardest part was going out with work and not being able to join in with a drink. 

The easiest part was the food, especially the fry-ups every morning!

4. What did you learn that surprised you?

How much sugar I take in on a normal day without realising. I haven’t been under 100kg since I was 25 and I feel so much better for it. 

5. Where will you take your Clean & Lean knowledge from here?

For me it's about having a better balance so keeping the Clean & Lean food options for most of the week with a couple of cheat meals. Food prep is also really important, as is always have Clean & Lean snacks in the fridge! 


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Clean & Lean with the Greens

After last Christmas, Scott and Sheri Green decided to treat their bodies and kick off the new year with the some Clean & Leaning. It was totally worth it - Scott lost nearly 5% body fat and 7kg in the four weeks, and Sheri lost nearly 6% body fat and almost 4kg. They now share with us, after doing the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge four times - how they have felt, how it fit into their lifestyle, and why they would do it again:

1. How often have you done UFIT Clean & Lean and how were the results?

I have done UFIT Clean & Lean four times. The first time I did it by myself and twice I did it with Scott. We both got great results each time. I think Scott saw the results and what a benefit it was for me after the first time so he wanted to know what it would do for him. He eats less sugar than me and was very surprised by what he learnt.

2. Why do it again after learning the principles the first time?

I loved the way I felt and what I learned the first time so I did it again and learnt even more. The truth is it's hard for me to take sugar out completely forever. I'm human and the bad habits creep back in, a holiday comes around or you have a party to go to, and sugar is addictive after all.

But I like to reset, and to learn more. Each time I have done it I have taken something else from it and been educated more. Sometimes you think you are making a healthy choice purely by the way a product is advertised, I think this was the biggest thing I learnt. I thought I was being quite healthy but when you really strip it back you are surprised.

3. How has it been doing it with your husband - and balancing with a social life and three little kids?

You get so much support from Wendy, Noa and everyone else through the Facebook page but having Scott do it with me really helped. We saw the changes in each other and enjoyed exercising together. It's had only has a positive effect on our family, having three kids can be a challenge at dinner time, that's never going to change but if I can get them to try a new thing and its healthy and they like it then that's fab. My oldest daughter now prefers Shepherd's pie with cauliflower mash instead of potato. My son enjoys coming to Bootcamp with me. We have had lots of little changes from doing Clean & Lean. I learnt if you plan your meals it makes it easier and you make better choices.

4. What pushed you through when it all felt a bit challenging?

The main thing that pushed me through the four weeks was what I learnt each week. The community also pushes you through, it makes you accountable. Wendy and Noa help you through each week, they have done it / are doing it themselves and have all the answers you need to get through it.

5. Apart from looking great, how did your body feel during and after the Challenge?

For me, I saw so many changes. At the beginning I'm not gonna lie, it's hard to see what sugar does to you, but as the time goes on and you see the benefits, actually very quickly you see changes. Other people see changes too. My energy levels improved, my skin was nice, my moods were more stable and then there are the changes you see in your clothes, they fit better, even get too big. These are just a few things but there are so many more.

6. Has it been manageable to continue with it after the Challenge?

UFIT Clean & Lean has helped me live a much healthier lifestyle. I have also found a love of excercise I didn't know I had.  I have taken the things I learned going forward to make better choices.

7. Would you do it again and why?

I will do UFIT Clean & Lean again I'm sure. The easy part for me is the four weeks, It's the part after I find harder. That's my challenge and always will be, but now at least I have the knowledge to be able to make the right choices.

8. Scott - do you have anything to add?

No - Sheri's said it all! But I would add just one thing - I don't feel right when I'm not on Clean & Lean.

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Why embark on huge challenges alone, when you can get experts to guide you - and your husband to join you? Robs Norris tells us how she lost 8.5kg and 4% body fat since doing the UFIT Body Transformation Program with her husband Sean, under the guidance of UFIT Head of Nutrition Wendy Riddell and UFIT Orchard Personal Trainer Tsvety Ivanova.

Now she's finished the Program her journey has only just begun as she prepares for months of triathlon and ironman training ...


1. What made you decide to participate in this program?

Robyn: I was doing HIIT classes up to 4 times a week, although I was getting fit I wasn’t able to shift the weight I had gained since having my daughter, I wanted to tone and build muscle and reduce my body fat.  My husband and I decided to do this body transformation together as a team goal/life style change.

Robyn's UFIT Personal Trainer - Tsvety: I was waiting for my body transformation client and then Robyn walked in. In my opinion, she didn't have much to transform. She was already in shape and was doing 4 times a week high intensity workouts. Not your typical body transformation client! Fat loss was her goal and I knew we had to do something different for her. Her program consisted of 3 times a week strength training heavy weights 8-12 rep sessions and one strong man conditioning session. I asked her to trust me and the results will come.


2. What’s it been like doing it with your husband?

Robyn: Sean and I work well as a team, before we had our daughter we did a lot of running together but that fell by the wayside when we had Lennon.  With Sean’s positive can-do attitude and my discipline we really do succeed. 

Robyn and Sean after the Challenge

Robyn and Sean after the Challenge

3. How have you found the training process since you started - and has it been easier or harder than you expected??

Robyn: The first two weeks were really tough, my body ached in places it had never ached before and I was exhausted.  But once my body got through that initial shock of training 4 times a week, it did get easier and more enjoyable especially when you start seeing the changes to your body and energy levels.

Tsvety: Robyn is one of the most positive, hard working people I've met. Every hour in the gym with her just flies by (for me at least :-)). In just a few weeks the weights she was lifting were getting bigger and bigger and she was getting leaner and leaner. Now we have to ask the boys if they are done with the Dumbbells so Robyn can use them.

4. How has your diet changed and how have you found making those adjustments to your lifestyle?

For the first 4-6 weeks, I adopted the no sugar, low carb, high fat diet and was pretty strict with it.  Most importantly I cut down on the alcohol, which I found was the main contributor to my unhealthy eating.  I found my appetite reduced significantly and I craved sugar and carbs less.  I also started intermittent fasting which I found pretty easy to do.  

Now that I am working out 6 days a week and eat pretty healthy consistently I can now eat a few cheat meals and not worry about gaining the weight.  But I do have to keep chocolate out of the house otherwise I will binge eat it all in one sitting. 

5. How did you feel in the beginning - midway - and at the end?

In the beginning I felt weak, exhausted and sore, half way I started seeing the results, the training became more manageable and enjoyable.  And now I feel strong and more confident, I find the sessions enjoyable and I just want more and to continue to get stronger.


6. Have the results met your expectations?

Absolutely and much much more.  I actually didn’t expect to get the results I wanted so quickly, I thought I would struggle but once I started seeing results I just wanted to see more and that drove me on.

7. How are you continuing with it - what’s next?

I have started triathlon training 6 days a week as well as 2 PT sessions.  I had my first triathlon on 6 August where I came twelth in my gender category so I was really pleased about that! And then the ultimate challenge will be to do the Ironman 70.3 Phuket at the end of November with my husband Sean, so I am going to be kept very busy.


8. Who from UFIT DID YOU TRAIN WITH - and how did you find dealing with them?

The gorgeous Tsvety Ivanova has been my Personal Trainer at UFIT Orchard and she has been nothing but amazing from the start.  It's so important that you gel with your trainer and Tsvety made me feel really comfortable and confident and is extremely patient.  I feel she really knows what she is doing and which areas of your body need more work.

RobsTsvety (2).jpg

Tsvety may look kind and sweet but she knows how to push you hard in a training session. I did have a few ladies comment on how they would hate to be me when they saw the exercises Tsvety was making me do.  Whenever my husband and I chatted about our day's training session I would say every time ‘Tsvety killed me again today’.  With Tsvety also being a mum we have a lot in common to chat about during the sessions.

Tsvety: In just a few months of hard work and positive attitude Robyn has completely changed her body shape and had exceeded the goals she had set. (Fitting into pair of her skinny shorts). She has not just dropped body fat but she has reshaped her whole body. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of her. She had the goals in mind, went for it and reached them. And now we are onto the new ones. 


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Why I'm doing UFIT Clean & Lean twice a year

We asked Jason Sykes - one of our regular Sentosa Bootcampers - why is he coming back after losing 3.5% body fat at a previous UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge ...


What made you decide to do the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge?

After signing up for UFIT Bootcamps I decided to take on the Challenge after a couple of friends had taken part with impressive results.  A good friend of mine, Ben Wheeler, actually won it and he convinced me to take it up.  I have a fairly clean diet but the approach to cutting out sugar is taking things to a new level and eye opening as to how it affects your body.


How did you find the Challenge?

It was tough, especially the first week.  I generally felt weak and lethargic with cravings for foods cut out of my diet such as milk, fruits, pasta and sauces.  One thing is for certain, you have to plan your meals and it isn’t something you can just take for granted, especially if you have full intense days at work. 

After the first week my body adjusted and the body shock started to ease off and towards week three I had more energy than before although intense exercise (bootcamps) were really tough without the carbs for energy.  I actually suffered from severe cramps in week three in my legs and even jaw (!!) so took magnesium and zinc which helped calm them down. 

Week four is like running the last part of a long distance race – you just want it over with but the line is in sight and weigh-in just a few days away to keep motivation! The UFIT team were great throughout with the weekly talks and the Facebook group so any questions are quickly answered throughout the four weeks.


What results did you get?

I lost around 3.5% body fat which was a good result for what I wanted to achieve.


What has made you decide to do it again?

I’m not overweight but C&L doesn’t necessarily have to mean losing loads of weight – it can be, but it can also act as a great detox program.  So for me it is just about getting rid of any of the excesses of the last few months and cleansing the system!


What are my goals for the future?

My goals are to remain aware of what I eat and how it affects my body. Foods that you may strongly believe are “healthy” may be loaded with sugar which may be adding to your weight or reducing your energy levels without you realising the cause. I was very surprised to find out that an average banana contains 14 grams of sugar! 

I will maintain a PT program with UFIT combined with the diverse bootcamp options and sign-up for the C&L twice a year from now on.  Overall I can highly recommend the C&L program to anyone considering taking this on, and as always, the UFIT team will support you through the 4 weeks which is challenging but ultimately very rewarding.

Next UFIT Clean & Lean challenge open now! Sign up here: www.ufit.com.sg/clean-and-lean

Look at Steve now - he’s down 55kg in one year

What motivated you to start your UFIT training?

When my daughter was born in January 2016, I weighed over 140kgs and was grossly unfit. I could barely walk without panting and was in such a poor physical state that as she grew up there is no way I would be able to partake in any activities with her.

I moved to Singapore three months later and was sure I was going to focus the majority of my time on losing weight and getting fit. However, as Aaron would be the first to say, our first 3 months were pretty ordinary. My starting weight with UFIT was 136kg, and by the end of June it was closer to 142kg.


My primary impression was that because I had joined UFIT, the results would come - not realising that the majority of the work for any kind of real results comes outside of the gym and with life altering habits.

Around early June my wife had a serious go at me about my situation - it’s not like I didn’t know what my condition was, or the strain I was putting not just myself under but also my family. The real wake up call came from her, who made me realise in that one conversation that I couldn’t go on like that. That I had to make a real life altering change to my eating habits and how I looked at life.



How did you get started?

When first started at UFIT, the thought of being able to manage more than 3 sessions a week was just not possible as I was nowhere close to being fit enough to manage it. I did however think that as I got fitter I would eventually sign up for the BT program, however as my sessions and progress with Aaron continued to hit new levels, we both decided not to change things.

Having said that one of the key reasons why I did end up joining UFIT is that on the website I came across Sunny Gill’s successful body transformation and it inspired me to try and make some changes to my life. Sunny was in the same school as me, and so I could relate and see the improvements that he had made in the year, which made me realise that it was possible to achieve. 


What did your UFIT program consist of? 

I started with 3 PT sessions with Aaron Jones each week, which was a combination of strength training and conditioning. At the beginning, Aaron incorporated both strength and conditioning into the same session as a means to get my overall fitness levels up. We focused mainly on larger body parts and kept accessory work and isolation work down to a minimum. Part of Aaron’s philosophy which I bought into was that isolation work needed to be earned and therefore when I got to certain standards it was something we would work on.

We also took a more controlled approach to my food - specifically cutting out sugar and carbs (getting carbs mainly through vegetables) and also restricting my intake to between 1,200-1,500 cals a day. I tracked what I ate and stuck with the overall process and with time the journey was successful.

Aaron also wanted me to do a minimum of 4/5 fasted cardio sessions every week, which would last between 45 mins to an hour. I felt that this really helped me lose weight and also improved my overall aerobic capacity.


How often did you do train and how was it?

The overall program was challenging! Being in such poor physical condition I found the conditioning aspect the hardest, but having some amount of weight training allowed me to enjoy the training more and more. The fitter I got the more I got into my conditioning and now enjoy it as much as my weights. I started with 3 sessions a week and now have moved to 6 a week.


And what were the results?

I managed to lose a total of 55kg. I dropped my overall body weight from 142kg to 87kg today. I have also managed to hit some performance objectives of being able to run 10km and achieve PRs on all my main compound lifts.

I can’t put into words the ‘intangible' results I have achieved such as confidence, and I have literally become a brand new person.


What motivated you along the way?

From a motivation perspective, I can’t really stress the importance of having someone like Aaron help me through my journey. He was able to keep me focused on my goals and keep my sessions fun but intense. More importantly he was constantly available on the phone and helped guide me through the nutritional maze. Also when I had to travel for work he would constantly be in touch to ensure I got my sessions in. Besides Aaron, I think all the other trainers at UFIT helped me in some way or form. The times I had to use other trainers like Lawrence or Ru they were equally focused with me and helped me to get my results. Other than that I think the overall vibe, atmosphere and banter in the gym is great and really helped me stay focused.


Any stories you can tell us about your personal trainers? 

I train with Aaron and Lawrence Cartwright - that stuff is off the record and downright crazy to talk about. 



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