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Lose weight with Clean & Lean

The UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge is much more than a controlled diet program. It's a major milestone towards a changed lifestyle. It will enhance the detoxing processes in your body, introduce you to better ways of eating and better food choices, and help you become leaner.

Importantly, as you begin to enjoy the taste of real food and the feeling of it in your body, you will develop new eating habits before you know it. We are creatures of habit after all. 

Our most important guiding principles are to base our food intake on fresh products, as close as possible to their natural state. It includes lots of vegetables, good sources of proteins, good fats, limited carbohydrates and no refined sugar whatsoever. On top of that we encourage you to challenge yourself with physical activities and fun fitness.  

Photo: Sofia bon Foster

Photo: Sofia bon Foster

Photo: Vincent Chan

Photo: Vincent Chan

The changes you see in the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge are amazing. After overcoming sugar withdrawal symptoms and detoxing side effects such as tiredness, grumpiness and headaches, you will suddenly feel so much better.


  • Your blood sugar levels will stabilise - Drastic changes in blood sugar levels are caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which in turn are responsible for food cravings, drops in energy and mood swings. At first, when we reduce our carbohydrate intake we might feel tired, hungry and grumpy, but after a few days once the sugar levels are low and the body has the opportunity and ability to use fat storage to create energy, all the symptoms will have disappeared.

  • You'll feel less hungry - You will control your food intake and the food will not control you!

  • You'll have much more energy throughout the day - Stabilised energy all day long, without massive energy drops and need for stimulants.

  • You'll have more energy during your training sessions - Once your body is trained to create energy from fat storage, it can do it faster and more efficiently, prolonging long term energy throughout your training sessions.

  • You will feel more balanced emotionally - Mood swings are often affected by our sugar ups and downs. At the beginning of the process, the limited carbs might lower your serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for our happiness. However, when your body gets used to lower sugar consumption you will experience a much more balanced emotional state.

  • Your weight will drop - At the beginning of the process your weight loss will be mainly due to loss of fluids, as carbs attract fluids. After a few days you will experience real weight loss, mostly from fat storage.

Rob, before and after Clean & Lean 16  - he lost 11kg - the first time  in over 15 years he weighed under 100kg                                     

Rob, before and after Clean & Lean 16  - he lost 11kg - the first time  in over 15 years he weighed under 100kg                                     

  • You'll lose body fat and become leaner - Once insulin levels drop, the body will burn fat to create energy. We aim to lose body fat as opposed to losing body mass.   

  • You'll notice your skin is clearer and your eyes brighter and whiter - You might experience some skin rashes during the detox period, but once this phase is over your skin and eyes will shine.

  • You'll experience improvements in your blood lipids and blood pressure - Lower triglycerides, higher HDL cholesterol for example.

  • You'll learn more about your body - The clean diet will help you eliminate foods that are suspected to cause indigestion, gassy stomach, heartburn or any other problems. It is a good way to learn which foods suits you the best.

Photo: Melanie Lim

Photo: Melanie Lim

Sweat it out Sunday at Tanjong Beach Bootcamp

Sweat it out Sunday at Tanjong Beach Bootcamp

Finally, at the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge, you'll meet great people and form a supportive team, sharing ideas, recipes, difficulties and achievements.

You'll also have a set deadline to achieve your goals within, and get great ideas and support from our community via the closed community Facebook page.

This will help you to be accountable and stay on course, and eventually help you achieve your goals.  

There is no better way to kick-start your new year than with the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge - starting Saturday 13 January! Sign up right here.

Why clean eating done right is good for you

Clean eating has been getting mixed press lately, and like anything in life, taking things to an extreme can make it bad for us. Being too restrictive with our diets and paranoid about what we eat can cause more issues than it solves.

At UFIT our approach to clean eating is much less harsh and more exclusive, it’s about taking things back to a more simplistic way of eating and as fresh and whole as possible. Here are some simple tips to eat cleaner:

1. Load up on fresh produce

When it comes to vegetables, most of us aren't getting enough. We should be aiming to get in six portions of vegetables and one of fruit each day.

Eating more vegetables can significantly reduce your risk for a number of chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. The fibre in whole produce also helps keep good bacteria in your tummy happy, which can reduce your risk for autoimmune diseases, fight off pathogens and infections and even improve your mood.

Get those greens in over Christmas, it should be easy with seasonal greens such as Brussel Sprouts everywhere.

Photo: Sofi Bon Foster

Photo: Sofi Bon Foster

2. Whole grains are our friends

Carbs are not the enemy, it’s about getting the right type with the highest amount of nutrition. The best whole grains are the ones that have been touched the least by processing. Think whole grains that look most like their just-harvested state—quinoa, wild rice, oats. 

Don't get duped by "whole-grain" claims on labels though, to eat clean, packaged whole grains you're going need to take a closer look at the ingredients. Whole grains should always be the first ingredient, the ingredient list should be short and recognizable, and it should have minimal (if any) added sugar.

When you swap out refined carbs (like white pasta, sugar, and white bread) for whole grains you'll get more fiber, antioxidants and inflammation-fighting phytonutrients.

3. Pick the right processed foods

Not all processed foods are really bad, look at amazing ranges such as The Whole Kitchen products.

Technically when we chop, mix and cook at home we are processing foods. The problem is that so much processed food at the supermarket is processed beyond the point of recognition. Keep an eye out for anything with lots of sugar and refined grains, super-long ingredient lists with foods you don't recognize and anything with partially hydrogenated oils.

Clean processed foods exist like plain yogurt, cheese, grainless granola, seed crackers and nut mixes. Just be sure to read the ingredient list and know what you are buying.


 4. The biggest “rule” of Clean & Lean - limit sugar

Most people eat too many added sugars. The Singaporean Health Board recommends no more than 8 to 11 teaspoons of sugar a day for adults. The average person gets about 2 to 4 times that amount per day. To clean up your diet, cut down on added sugars by limiting sweets like soda, candy and baked goods.

But it's more than just desserts—keep an eye on sugars added to healthier foods like yogurt (choose plain), tomato sauce and cereal. Look for foods without sugar as an ingredient, or make sure it's listed towards the bottom, which means less of it is used in the food. We usually recommend no more than 5g of sugar per 100g of product

5. Consider the environment

Clean eating is better for you and the planet, and eat seasonal and locally grown foods where possible. Foods that are transported not only increase our carbon footprint but also will need to be preserved for the journey. The longer the shelf life of the food the shorter our shelf life. 

Photo 28-2-16, 9 26 15 PM.jpg

So how to take clean eating to an effective, safe step to a healthier you? The next UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge starts 13 January 2018, where under Wendy Riddell's  guidance you will learn how to detox safely from sugars and eat clean, healthy food to start new eating habits to sustain you and your family for the rest of your life! 

Start up your 2018 on Clean & Lean 18 - our 18th challenge - by signing up right here:

Getting ripped in twelve months

We first met Christian Dally one year ago when he was over 98kg and about to start the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge. He won after losing 9% body fat, and a year later is totally ripped, super fit, his mind is sharper and he's never felt better in his life. We all think he's totally awesome.  

Nov 2016 - before the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge

Nov 2016 - before the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge

Dec 2016 - after the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge

Dec 2016 - after the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge

Since finishing Clean & Lean we see him nearly every day at UFIT doing Bootcamps at Sentosa and Metcon at Bukit Timah, Personal Training at Amoy and CrossFit Tanjong Pagar. He's found a family of fabulous fit friends across UFIT, is well-known to our coaches and is an active Spartan participant.

This is what Christian looks like ten months after the Clean & Lean Challenge.

October 2017 - weighing 83kg (down from 98kg in Nov 2016)

October 2017 - weighing 83kg (down from 98kg in Nov 2016)

October 2017 - pulling 220kg 

October 2017 - pulling 220kg 



We asked Will Foden, his personal trainer.

"He came to me as an empty shell after finishing Clean & Lean and my job was to help him build muscle. He had to go to the extreme to get back to normal, and has now progressed beyond, taking things to new levels. He went from eating no carbs for months and now he's training almost daily and is back on carbs as he needs to be, and losing weight and getting stronger.

He was anxious about reintroducing carbs back into his diet. But after some time figuring out what works for him he can now go out on a Saturday night and eat well and enjoy a drink or two".



"Initially I thought completing Clean & Lean was the ‘goal’ but in fact it was just the jump-start I needed to launch me on this amazing journey.

By the end of the C&L month I’d made such progress, and was absolutely loving the way I was beginning to feel, so continuing with the same nutrition plan was a no-brainer! Removing carbs from my diet had such a fundamentally positive effect, on not only my body but also my mind, bringing a much more stable level of energy and focus that it had by then become a foundation that sticks with me today".


How has your diet changed since you finished Clean & Lean?

"For the first 9 months or so I stayed pretty much entirely ‘clean & lean’ (bar the occasional cheat meal), eventually though in consultation with Will I did decide to put a little carb back into my diet peri-exercise to allow me to work out harder and build more muscle mass now that I very low in body fat.  

It wasn’t easy psychologically - carbs were the ‘enemy’ for so long that it took significant bravery to reintroduce them, but the trust I have in the knowledgable supportive and experienced UFIT team helped me to get over this unexpected hurdle! And it worked - within weeks I was beginning to look and feel strong & I actually lost more body fat after introducing carbs again".


How do the UFIT Bootcamps fit in?

"I started UFIT Bootcamps at the same time as C&L and a year later whilst I also do several PT sessions per week, they are still my ‘go-to’, they are available, challenging and fun.  

When I say ‘challenging’ - it doesn’t matter whether you’re fat and slow like I was at the beginning or one of the fittest people out there, everyone can challenge themself to the max, it's a supportive, non-judgmental environment where over the last year or so I’ve watched myself and others achieve levels of improvement we really didn’t expect.  

I love Bex’s FITMAX and HITFIT classes in Sentosa, and the community there is brilliant! Quite apart from giving the opportunity to workout with like-minded people, we’ve made some really great friends there. I've recently also been using Giles’ brilliant Metcon/ORT sessions on Sundays at Bukit Timah to prepare for my Spartan races.

It’s also great to have the option of a yoga session once in a while ... sunrise yoga at Sentosa Marina has to be the best way to start the day!

I attend 2-4 classes per week depending on how much PT/running I’m doing, which really depends on what event I’m training for next ..."

FullSizeRender 17.jpg
FullSizeRender 16.jpg

Why did you start doing PT?

"Part of my prize for winning C&L was some PT sessions, I went in thinking I’d use them up and go back to my Bootcamps, yoga & running but wow the progress I made during those first few sessions was amazing. I use PT for mostly strength-based training and I love it.

Will is a fantastic trainer and coach, he has worked with me on both training and nutrition, building and flexing my programme in line with my progress and to help me set and achieve evolving goals. It’s always fresh, progressive and challenging".


What are the major gains you have made with your pt?

"I wanted to get strong, but turning up for an hour pumping iron and going back to the office wouldn’t have done it for me.  Will worked hard with me to understand my goals, or rather to help form some goals.  By this point I had progressed so quickly with my fitness that I didn’t really know what my goals should be! I’m pretty sure he always had a longer term plan to make me strong and look strong but I didn’t know that I wanted that yet, my head was still stuck on being ‘fit’.

He built a really unthreatening progressive plan for me which he evolved/changed every 4 weeks or so - just as I am beginning to get comfortable - he switches it up!  It’s brilliant - always fresh, interesting and challenging - and I feel like I’d make progress in almost every session.

As time went by, he flexed my program to prepare me for upcoming events - spartan, half marathon, this photo shoot etc ..."


"Right now we are working towards the Spartan Beast, 40 obstacles over 21km which requires both conditioning and upper body strength. I didn’t have to ask for it ... we know each other well enough that he knew what was next after the half marathon and magically my program changed to match.

Will also very gently helped me to amend my nutrition, encouraging me to try the reintroduction of some carbs to help with muscle building. He could see I was scared to do so (I didn’t want to put on weight/fat) he coached me through it, and it worked!  He knew I needed strict guidelines and support to be confident in eating more carbs & calories in general, so he set specific macro nutrition & calorie goals to match my training and help me to monitor and evaluate progress".

How have you found mixing both BootCamps and PT?

"Great - I really enjoy the Bootcamps, they fulfill my cardio and conditioning needs as well as being great fun. PT is more specific and the 1 to 1 coaching has allowed me to progress to a different level".


What have your friends said about your physical changes? 

"When I see people I’ve not seen in the last 12 months or so, the reaction is hilarious ... people can't quite believe the transformation. To be honest, neither can I!

More importantly though, I’m more than likely going to live a little longer and in the meanwhile, I can be a much more better dad and husband with this new found energy and motivation! I also feel ‘sharper’ mentally - I’m sure this has helped me to progress my career over the last year more quickly than I may otherwise have".

How DO YOU FIT fitness and HEALTHY eatiNG into a busy life? 

"I’ve not really thought of it as integrating this into my life - it’s become a way of life. I just make better choices now, my second pair of shoes for work trips is a pair of trainers and I carry a bag of protein powder in my suitcase! I only made the mistake of repackaging it in little ziplock bags once after getting a few funny looks for airport security ...

Seriously though people around you get used to the small changes, more of our friends now are of the more active variety and some who used to be less so have been inspired to join the journey!"


What’s next?

"Better, faster stronger! I’ve absolutely loved the Spartan races that I’ve competed in, I’ll have completed all three distances by the end of the year (with luck) and now I’d like to focus on being competitive in my age group. I’ll carry on with the UFIT Bootcamps and PT sessions and am adding some CrossFit - there’s a competitive edge to it and it’ll be great training for the adventure races. I can't quite believe I’m even thinking it (having never really run more than 5 or 10km a year ago) but maybe a marathon...not sure yet.

I’d like to find a way to give a little back to the UFIT community ... it’s given me so very much".

What's Will like as a coach? Any inside stories?

Yes, don’t tell anyone, but he really cares.  Broken nose, cauliflower ears and all, he’s an extremely knowledgeable, caring and committed coach, he really held my hand through the second part of this 12 month journey ... there were times when I wondered how he put up with all my stupid questions over WhatsApp at all hours of the day and night! He invests way beyond the 1, 2 or 3 hours a week we spend together, technically he’s great and he’s a good motivator but moreover he’s always well prepared and thoughtful, you don’t always get that.



"We focussed on the basics. Then brought some intensity to it. I taught Christian to understand what food is, and what to eat post-workout, to be realistic it will take a year.

I understand Christian personally and know what drives him. We both believe that life's a challenge, and you have to work hard for what you want, and I didn't try to wrap him up. He comes to every session for a purpose - life is too short and you need to make it work.

What pushes Christian is him, rather than me. He told me "I need to do this" rather than "I want to". 


Rebecca Dickson his Sentosa Bootcamps Coach tells us: "I’m blown away by the transformation Christian has achieved over the last year. He’s got such remarkable drive, determination and commitment to want to achieve his health and fitness goals. He’s an integral part of the Sentosa bootcamp community with an infectious spirit, always encouraging other bootcamp members to train harder, but also have fun along the way.

He’s a true inspiration and just goes to show what can be achieved when you put your mind and heart to it, he just needs to work on his skipping :-) Looking forward to smashing some new goals with him over the next year ... next stop Spartan Beast Elite in December. Aroo!"

Photo credits: Melanie Lim, David Belmonte, Rebecca Dickson, Jacqui Browne 

Couples who train together Transform together

Sean Norris did the UFIT Body Transformation program with his wife Robs. They both had similar goals - to lose weight, to train for major triathlon and running events, and to generally live a healthier lifestyle. They both succeeded. Sean lost 10kg over 3 months, and Robs also made some major life-changing improvements. We asked Sean to tell us more ...

What made you decide to do thIS program? 

"I've always been overweight and thought it was OK to hover around the 99kg mark, then that went North to 103.5kgs and I was tired of making excuses. I also think since we had our daughter I did not want to be the fat dad on the beach in 10 years!"

How was it doing the program with your wife Robz?

"Awesome, she's a legend. It is always more fun doing these type of life goals with Robs! We push each other and support each other."


What did you find most challenging?

"In the beginning, I found it pretty easy to cut certain things out of the diet, and the hard part was a few cheeky beers. I am on the road a lot, and when you're in hotels or restaurants all the time it can be tough, and the good news is you build new favourite food combos that keep you away from crap nutrition.

And as we've reached the end of the program and I have lost weight and doing lots of training, I have found a few things sneaking back in, but it is much much less than before I started." 


"Seeing results and I look forward to training with Hidayat and Ryan, it's hard and fun at the same time and I love bear crawls and wall angels for lunch!!!😉" 


What have you enjoyed most?

"All of it, learning how to build food strategies, seeing myself get fitter, lose weight and the best part having fun doing it. Since losing weight I am a lot faster running, it is incredible to see how much faster you can become after shedding a few kgs."

How has it changed you and your family?

"For a start I need a new wardrobe, my clothes are literally falling off me.  Being fit, having energy and training is better than being overweight, sluggish and making excuses. I recently did the Bromo marathon and finished 28th out of 183 participants with a time of 6 hrs 11mins. On the family side it has been awesome to see Robs do so well, we are now taking on an Ironman 70.3 together as the next big hairy audacious goal."



What would you say about your UFIT team?

"It is literally a team with Wendy Riddell, Hidayat Osman and Ryan Tonge all working with me to get food smart, stronger, leaner and more mobile. They have been patient and encouraging, and most importantly it has been fun. Even though the body transformation part is over Wendy is still following up with me checking in and doing weigh-ins. 

A process and journey like this is a commitment, it would not have been a success if I did not have Robs on the journey with me and a great team helping me achieve my goals.

It is an education and lifestyle change, it is up to me to keep going."



Sean has been training with two coaches, Ryan and Hidyat, and here is what Ryan has to say: "Sean is always inspiring to everyone around him, he never fails to come in the gym with a smile and a positive attitude. No matter how he is feeling, he will give 100% and there is no wonder why he has come as far as he has done! Keep up the good work Sean!” 

Hidyat adds: "Sean's a great guy to coach. He's very easy going, very coachable and very diligent as he commits to every single session and I know he is very busy. He will question us on why we are doing certain exercises to help his understanding of how it is benefitting him, and I'm really pleased about how far he has come". 

How 100 days got Robbo over the edge

Andrew Robertson took on a 100 day weight-loss challenge on the advice of his UFIT Amoy St trainer Lawrence Cartwright. Over that time Robbo had to cut alcohol for 100 days, send Lawrence photos of every meal he ate, and make huge changes to his diet. Lawrence also suggested he go public on Facebook over those 100 days for extra motivation. 

The results? Robbo lost 15kg and 6% body fat. Even better, he changed his several-decade long drinking habit, found he could enjoy going to bars and restaurants drinking water and eating veggies, got his friends involved, and ended up supporting two great Aussie charities, Beyond Blue and Soldier On who support people with depression and anxiety. 

In Robbo's words: "With the giving up of the grog I went from replacing one excessive habit to working out six days a week and feeling so much better".


What made you decide to take on a 100 day challenge?

I've been complaining for years that I needed to get off the grog, usually on a Monday morning!!  However it has been a constant refrain with my trainer Lawrence Cartwright with me stating I needed to give up and him saying well just do it.  

Long story short - one Tuesday morning session after a particularly long weekend I launched into my usual “I need to give the booze a rest for a while” when Lawrence just said look either do it or shut up complaining (or words to that effect). It was similar to being told off by my daughter and I’m pretty sure they had been scheming!!! Anyway something switched in my head and boldly I said right then I’m off the grog for 100 days. You could have heard a pin drop in the gym!!! Seriously did he say 100 days, no that cannot be right, Robbo a 100 days off the grog, well this will be interesting, buckle up sparky and hang on for the ride!!!

How did you find it?

The training has been far more intense, even though I'd always been fairly active (life’s motto 100mph or asleep) and trained hard (though Aaron and Lawrence suggest more like 60%). 

Interestingly it became the default activity for releasing stress and then it was a case of just pushing myself harder both at Amoy St and then at home when training. We switched to a more strength based program in the gym and then cardio was done at home, with Lawrence (amongst others) getting into my head about how far I could push this old body of mine.

The neighbours have stuck their head over the fence and asked if I’m OK as I grunt and groan. We have told them if I’m too quiet then please worry. 


How did your life change?

My diet for the first two weeks of the 100 days was non-existent. I hoovered just about everything in the fridge as I seemed to crave chocolate (Tim Tams what Tim Tams!!!), bread etc. We figured that it was just the sugar cravings. 

After the first two weeks I got a little more serious and gave up processed bread, noodles and spuds (and my beloved chocolate). We figured it would be easier to gradually take things out. However in general up to the 50 day mark the diet was reasonable without going overboard. 

For the last 50 days we got really strict.  No bread, pasta, noodles, potato – it was meat, veggies, fruit (berries mainly) and salad. To be honest some days I ate like I was 21 again with heaps of bacon, eggs, avo and tomatoes after training, other days if I didn't feel like eating I didn't. The longest fast was 3 days. Lots of whey shakes. The only thing we disagreed on was dairy intake.  I maintained three serves of dairy every day, so either home made whey shakes or milk for breakfast or late dinner, and cheese. The deal was that if I started to plateau I would give up the dairy but I lost more in the second half of the challenge than I did on the first (and dare I say it Mum was right again, still she has been in the food industry for a while!!).

There were cheats obviously, some ice cream here and there, a piece of cheesecake, a small brownie, a Bundy Ginger Beer watching the footy. However as I had to take a photo of everything I ate and send to Lawrence that created the discipline and also made me aware of what was on my plate. The interesting thing was my body's reaction to the ‘sugar’ foods and let’s just say the body punished me way more than Lawrence ever could think of!!!

Since finishing the challenge I have tried to moderate my carb intake and to be fair it has been reasonably easy. Going out and asking for veggies instead of mash or chips is now second nature and I still haven’t had spuds. A meat pie down in Oz with my daughter was brilliant but I managed to stop at one, so maybe I am learning moderation. More importantly the same with the grog. I am learning that moderation is fine and can make the switch to my beloved Icelandic Sparkling water (my drink of choice for the challenge and now also for gin!!).

How did you feel over the 100 days?

The first three weeks were horrendous, not the training but the headaches.  I would Google giving up alcohol cold turkey and it would say DON’T. It wasn’t this bad giving up the smokes. However eventually they went away and whilst every now and then would come back by midway I was feeling pretty good physically. 

By the end I was feeling physically great, sore but certainly in far better shape than I had for a couple of decades. I won’t say the sleep was significantly better as I was still tired and mentally it was a constant challenge to continue the same social life but ensure that I kept off the booze. However overall I’m feeling really good about what I achieved, the support of mates and the impact it’s had so not a bad result all round. 

Have the results met your expectations?

I was gobsmacked at the end and I’m not usually short of a word!! 15 kgs dropped over the 100 days, about 5-6% body fat loss over the last 50 days, 3.5 inches gone around the waist (costing me a fortune in new clothes).

More so than my personal achievements has been the impact it's had on others. This was always meant to be a personal challenge to give up the grog and see if I could modify my drinking habits (don’t mind to have a few yards over a few beers, wines etc). I had two mates that joined me one for 100 days and one for 50. Both finished. I trained on the weekends with mates and their kids who swung round, the support by mates and family has been enormous and goes a long way to getting you through this. It meant that I could turn up to an event or a pub an no-one batted an eyelid that I was drinking water. It was really positive.


I have also found that going to the pub and not drinking is not boring. I’m still loud, cranky, love a yarn, smash water down the same way I drank beer and generally hate it when my footy team loses. You don’t need to be a hermit if you doing this as life is too short. Just find your drink of choice and not soft drink!!!

How are you continuing with it - what’s next?

As my other motto is ‘never waste a good start’ I’m maintaining the fitness regime and being far more conscious as to what I eat and drink. I’m still conscious that I don’t slip back into bad habits with the booze and we have devised some “rules” around that. Roughly I have picked a weight and if I go over that then I’m off the booze and strict with the diet until well back under.  

Two months a year (first half and second half) I will go dry and cannot drink on days that I don’t exercise hard. As with most things I went into this without any plan and just winged it. This is as close as I get to having some structure to my life!!

Tell us some more about your trainer Lawrence and the Amoy St team

I have got to say that Lawrence went way over what is expected of a personal trainer. It’s bad enough he has had to put up with my grunting, groaning, smart comments and expletives as I yell at myself and him (along with all the other long suffering clients and trainers at Amoy Street) but for this challenge he got sent pictures of all my food, me post workout, videos of me providing constructive but direct feedback as to what he could do with a new exercise challenge he had set me and I had just completed. So to be really honest I would not have got through this without his guidance and support.  

As with all things at UFIT it's a strong team and the support and encouragement from all of the trainers at Amoy Street has just been overwhelming. From having to put up with me whilst Lawrence was away, asking how I was going, personal WhatsApps providing support around diet, training, suggestions around taking photos weekly to see the impact and generally just putting asmile on my dial with some crack, it has just been a cracker.

It would be unfair to single anyone out but Rachel and the team at Amoy St really provide for a great sanctuary from the daily grind.


Anything more to add about Lawrence?

Oh where to start ... Lawrence thought it would be a good idea if went public with the challenge.  So I drafted a long piece on Facebook and decided that if I get through the 100 days I would donate $1K each to Beyond Blue and Soldier On. Both are charities that help people with depression and anxiety, this having personal resonance with me and my family. Well the Facebook thing kicked off and every day I would get up and post what day I had just finished. I thought people would get bored but the reactions were priceless as I introduced bingo calls, concerns about my welfare as the wallabies, waratahs and NSW Blues lost again and again.

I had to post my weight loss, which due to the state of my toes resulted in a nice pedi and coloured toes kick started my other half Cheryl (and more donations to the charities). My daughter laughed when she saw then as they were shellac and I still have the most colourful toes at Amoy Street (the look on Lizzie’s face was priceless!!)

Lack of alcohol had not helped my loudness, coordination or eyesight and dropping a weight on my toe at training with Lawrence.....well you could have heard a pin drop at 7ish one morning!

Lawrence told me that I should try to do a 5km row, 100 burpees and then run for 20 mins. When I finally informed him I could only do 50 but had done the rest it transpired he had it got the program wrong and it should be 2km row, 100 burpees and no run….. that stretched the friendship and started a debate amongst Frazer, Will and Lawrence as to what my next exercise challenge should be. 

Word of warning if anyone asks you to combine rowing with a heavy bag, politely decline.

What Lawrence has to say about Robbo

I’ve been training Robbo for 3.5 years and he’s come a massive way in his fitness and his strength has gone through the roof. We've been up and down with his weight but it's come down a lot since the start. It started at over 100kg and it flew right down. 

For a while we weren't getting anywhere with his weight and I said to him mate let’s get more serious and come up with a bit of a challenge. He was always a drinker so we came up with 100 days of no drink.

After 50 days to really make big changes I told him to send me a photo of every single meal he had, and I was like change this and change that, and I said right let’s go completely carb free. Over the last 50 days he went really strict and that's where you can see the massive change difference in his weight and body fat. His strength has stayed the same, and he's still strong, deadlifting two times his body weight for 5 reps of 160kg.

The main reason he stuck to this challenge was putting it on his Facebook - so he went there and said right I’m gonna do 100 days no piss. He got a massive following and his friends were like no way mate, wow that’s really good. People were motivating him from day 1, day 2, all the way up to 100 and people were really following him. 

I really enjoy training Robbo, he's a character in the gym and he knows everyone here. You'll hear him yelling from all over the gym. He's really uplifting and a natural motivator also for the other clients around him. We really love having him here and are all really proud of him.


How has he been sinced he finished the challenge?

He's dropped another 1.5kg since finishing because he's been training so hard. We've re-introduced carbs which he needs to fuel him though his training which he does sometimes twice a day.

Also his main focus has shifted - over the 100 days we wanted to drop weight and body fat, and we're now building on strength and muscle gains so have changed his diet and training somewhat. As well as training here at the gym three times a week he plays rugby with The Wanderers and he does a cardio ciruit at home to supplement his strength work here in the gym. 

The charities

Robbo supported the two Aussie charities Soldier On and Beyond Blue who support people with depression and anxiety, especially in men and young adults. 

He contributed $1.5k to each charity and a number of Robbo's friends matched that contribution. And there was the toenail money. Either way a great result and exposure for both of the charities and depression.