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You can feel it, the hairy month is quickly approaching. To those of you who have already familiar with Movember, this is the time to give your razors a break.

To those whom have always wondered about the scene of hairier men during this time of the year, you are not alone.

UFIT supports Movember

“Men’s health is in crisis. Prostate cancer is the 3rd most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. Testicular cancer is the second most common cancer affecting men aged 18 to 39. On average, men die around six years younger than woman and 1 in 3 Singaporeans die of cancer. This needs to change, and you can do something good to stop men dying too young.”

Gender is one of the most consistent predictors of health and life expectancy; For men, this is not good news. Movember is a global movement committed to tackling the big issues affecting men’s health, encouraging men to stay healthy, and working toward a world where men are more open to discussing ‘the big stuff’ in their lives.

There are three urgent men’s health issues: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

How can I get involved?

Support our cause by donating to Movember under UFIT’s team. Help us raise funds to help our sons, brothers, fathers, partners and friends from dying too young.

Find out more at our flagship personal training studio at Amoy!

Find out more at our flagship personal training studio at Amoy!

Spread Awareness

Grow a Mo, and advocate for Movember this month!

Not keen on growing a Mo, but still want to do something good this Movember? Spread the awareness on your social media!

Mention us in your posts and so we know and can help to address various queries your connections might have!

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Move for Mo

Get active and row to grow awareness for Men's Health!

Join us at UFIT to contribute a collective 100,000 metres in our campaigning for Movember. Participants can redeem a free bottle of water for their efforts.

60 seconds challenge

For the competitive, join in the 60 seconds row challenge for a place on the leader-board. 

Come on down to our flagship gym to find out how else you can participate!
Open to all clients, staff and the public coming in for a trial!


Evy Theunis lost 6.73% body fat in the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge 15 - and was the female runner-up in the Challenge.

Not only has Evy shown great commitment with her nutrition, she supplements that with regular personal training. Her UFIT Personal Trainer, Lizzie Wright shares "Evy is such an amazing person to train. She always brings so much energy to her sessions and gives 100% which helps her achieve her goals. She's one determined cookie!"

Find out more about Evy's Clean & Lean journey right here ...

What made you sign up for THE UFIT Clean & Lean CHALLENGE?

I started my Clean and Lean journey 3.5 years ago when I met my PT, Sara.

Sara helped me lose 20kg and through pregnancy as well and I managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I learned about UFIT during my pregnancy as I had to recover from achilles tendonitis, when UFIT Clinic's Declan Halpin had me back on the road to recovery.

One thing I find very hard is to completely stay off sugar, and I noticed that bananas had started becoming a routine, and that lately one cheat day had become 3 or even 4 cheat days. My scale and wardrobe weren’t liking this very much, so I decided to do the UFIT Clean and Lean Challenge.

How was your first week?

I was SOOOO hungry! I ate so much the second day, as if there was no end to it, without much effect. Luckily after 4 days or so it went much better. I realised how much sugar I must have been eating, and it actually made me feel very happy that I was doing this.

Did you sign up with a friend or by yourself?

On my own, but I got a lot of help from our helper Monica, who was so kind to cook more snacks and try out new recipes. Also Lizzie Wright, my UFIT Personal Trainer, Sara and my husband were cheering me on.

How have you felt each week?

In general, my body felt much more “relaxed”. Also, I didn’t really feel tired or weak, so that was good!

Week 2 and week 4 went very well, week 3 was hard as I was having PMS. I wanted to eat cake so badly! Thank god for the chia pudding.

Did it get easier?

When I learned that “Singapore Chili Crab” dressing from Salad Stop wasn’t that bad, all was good again. Something so little made such a difference.

I am quite OK to eat similar food (or the same :-)) every day, so once I decided on what I was going to eat, it went smoothly.

To do this long term, I think it is very important to just keep things simple, and accept what you can and what you can’t have, at least not every day. In the past, I would have gone all the way, bought every health food on the planet and thought that that would set me up for success. Not true. Now, I just adjust the regular recipes to a compliant version. Eg. my version of “taco” is minced meat, taco herbs, capsicum, onions and corn, served with lettuce and spicy mayo. Just no wrap. And I don’t try to desperately replicate a wrap. If I really want a wrap, I’ll have it on my junk day.

Speaking of which, I confess, I did do a cheat meal once every week. I had my son’s birthday party, and had drinks with my friends and team. I never exaggerated, but I noticed that a total break isn’t sustainable mentally for me. So instead of “oh no I fell from the bandwagon, I am a total failure”, I just did it once a week, without feeling bad about it.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the four weeks how do you feel now?

I feel back on track. Apart from eating better, I also trained harder.

What was the biggest surprise after the four weeks?

The amount of fat I lost! I watched the scale go down and my body feeling tighter but I in no way thought it would be that much.

What kept you motivated?

When I commit to something, I commit to it, simple.

Would you recommend it to a friend?

Absolutely, for 2 reasons: my knowledge about food increased. I really appreciate that! Secondly, it was easier to stay focused as you’re not the only one doing it.


Wendy Riddell, UFIT's Head of Nutrition adds: "We are very proud of Evy's drive, determination and consistency which will get you up to the winning line every time. Well done Evy, and well done to all our Clean & Leaners for working together and getting great results!".



sign up now for some cleansing, healthy eating and a great community supporting you along the way! 

No sugar for a month... are you kidding? Game on! 

UFIT Marketing Manager, Lizzie, takes on Clean & Lean to fight her addiction of what some days consisted to be of four Twix's a day (well that was the latest obsession).

No sugar. No booze. No fruit. For four weeks. But can you really commit to achieving your goals? I hear it every day from friends and family, 

"But I've got that birthday event"
"I've got this wedding I can't do it."
"I have friends in town" 

Sound familiar? 

Too many excuses flood the end goal, and you have to decide how much you want that to get that Beyoncé ‘butt’, or those toned arms and rock hard abs. Or even having that "feel good feeling" about eating real food. Well, in my case enough was enough. I'm pretty head strong so I was up for the challenge as the sugar issue started to get way out of hand. I already fell off the bandwagon twice over with the last Clean & Leans; The sugar highs were just too damn good. After a full on year with a new job, home, and shake up I made the decision 2017 is my year to rein in my sugar addiction. 

So here goes. Third time lucky to make that commitment. Was I serious; Of course I was! As Marketing Manager I think it's integral to understand each and every part of UFIT. After two previously failed attempts due to my insane sugar addiction, a bet with the boss got me signed up for the challenge; $200, let's see if it's worth it! To get the ball rolling I enrolled my partner in crime to make the journey with me and smash our body goals (it makes it easier to say yes when there's two of you). For those of you unfamiliar with the Clean & Lean Challenge UFIT run in Singapore, it's a four week nutrition cleansing program whereby we see a large amount of people join for a number of reasons including weight loss, getting lean, reducing their cravings to sugar and processed foods. It's a journey for learning how to appreciate the real foods that are right in front of you.

Week One - Cauliflower is my new best friend

Dealing with no sugar was a test in itself for week one. No fruit in the mornings, just green veg, meats, and my soon to be best friend... cauliflower. The key to getting through this first week let alone the whole four weeks was having my buddy do it with me. We were able to help remove temptations from each other, have chilled nights in, and when we did go out we were a team, ordering together our Clean & Lean approved dishes. 

The first day was a Saturday, everyone in our friendship group ordered five large pizzas and a tray of Krispy Kreme's (are you serious guys?). We jumped the first hurdle with our green spinach chicken pancakes and avocado... YUM! I was still hungry though but wouldn’t admit it! The point of Clean & Lean is whilst you cut out the bad you replace it with the good and lots of it. You get hungry and you eat, surely isn’t this the case? For me the struggles started when it came to exercising. My body was telling me no, my head was telling me train, keep your training up. I gave in and listened to my body! The next step was the food. To get through I knew it was all about the planning and that's when FitThree came into the equation. All approved of course. I was set for my five dinners a week and just had to prepare the yummy lunches courtesy of @Soff.it delicious recipes. This was the week we realised that we had endless recipes we could make with cauliflower and zucchini focaccini. The rest was history and week one started to get easier with occasional sugar cravings but no chocolate in sight. 

Week Two - Red pepper never tasted so amazingly good!

With a week of just greens, cauliflower, protein, protein and protein it was time for an addition to the menu. I don't think I've ever realised how tasty and sweet a red pepper was going into week Two; They’re super sweet and full of flavour. We continued our FitThree's, prepped our lunches and snacks on the Sunday. Thank goodness for the introduction of coloured vegetables. Did you know one red pepper can contain a teaspoon of sugar. All natural sugars of course, but the journey is learning about the good sugars, the good fats and oils to put into your body. 

Connecting with real food and tasting the real flavours was something else. Doing it alongside 270 other people was another. The power of people and seeing their results after two weeks was so inspiring. With everything going well I still wasn't able to train after feeling quite weak, but that was about to change when Fran and I signed up to trek up Mount Kinabalu with no sugar and carbs - OMG!

Week Three - Trekking up South East Asia's highest mountain; Mount Kinabalu!

It goes without saying this was seriously tough. Without two weeks of training, no sugar and carbs we had a number of people saying we were crazy, and were not confident we could do it. Probably a little mad, but if we're doing one challenge, why on earth not do two? Trekking is one of my all-time favourite things to do and I wasn’t about to bail on this amazing trip.

To cut a long two days short (full blog coming soon), Fran and I did a great deal of preparation before the trip. We had these amazing cacao coconut protein balls, with nuts introduced which helped fuel us the most and then some super tasty True Protein dark chocolate flavour shakes (life saver). The first hour of the trek kicked in hard; Out of breathe, the midday sun and hours of uphill climbing… but still smiling. The only way was up (pretty vertical). The packed lunch was not the best as we could only eat chicken, a slice of cucumber and an egg. We were expecting to starve the whole trip, but thank goodness for eggs, meat and vegetables which saved us from noodles and rice. 

After a night of no sleeping, acclimatising and hearing a couple of people vomiting it was time to get up and ‘nail’ this climb. For fuel we drank our protein shakes, ate a couple of handfuls of nuts and had our eggs. We made it! 4095m secured! With no carbs and sugar our recovery was something else. When walking for three days afterwards, with a lack of the right nutrients in our bodies, was agony. 

Week Four - On the home straight

Sustaining Clean & Lean for four weeks was tough, but manageable. As soon as I set my mind to the challenge the rest was history. Week four was a breeze. I prepared my protein balls, my lunches, ordered my dinners in advance and I was ready to go. I’m a few weeks on and still keeping up with Clean & Lean week four with one cheat day a week, therefore sustaining a realistic lifestyle and falling under the 80% healthy - 20% eat whatever tasty treats I want… I’m only human after all!

If I could give you anything to walk away with these five key tips, the first would be to get your ‘butt’ into gear and stick to your goals:

1. Determine how badly you want it… 

Are you serious about change and getting the end result? At the end of the day it's your choice. Take control of your life,  make your mindset strong and surround yourself with people that just ‘get’ you. Social events, and holidays etc will come and go so you've just got to make it work! 

2. Get yourself a partner in crime

They have your back, you can enjoy social occasions together and take a stance with your friends that just don't get it. Achieving similar goals with someone else is empowering as you share the ups and downs, and it makes you forget about the four weeks’ timeline. It just naturally continues to become your way of life. 

3. Get planning and prepping

Don't skip the corners, or you’ll suffer. Get ahead of yourself with your breakfast, lunches and dinners and how it fits best into your schedules. Mine was a Sunday session spending a couple of hours getting everything made for the week. 

4. Make it sustainable and be realistic

We can't be perfect 100% of the time so give back to yourself and give yourself a guilt-free treat, you deserve it! 

5. Get your ‘butt’ into gear.

Pick up your training again. Strength training to be exact. Yes - it's known for weight-loss, toning up those muscles, preventing illness and realising those happy endorphins. There’s nothing better than breaking a sweat and earning your body!

I’m pretty happy with my results, but now the real journey starts with carb loading and increasing my strength training to build on muscle tone. Overall I lost 1.66% body fat, 1.6kg and lost 4cm around my waist. I am so guilty of sharing the far right picture after my firs tCrossFit session and getting my muscles working. The lighting was better - guilty. But I now want to show you the slight difference lighting and posing can make to a set of photos. We all have our good and bad days! Now time to train and build my muscle tone back with phase 2 - bring on the strength training.

You’ll find there's always a tomorrow, there's always another Monday or next month. So the question is what are you going to finally achieve this year? Take the first step and if at first you don't succeed just try and try again. 

Fitter, Leaner, Stronger!

The 2017 Clean & Lean sessions are happening on March 11 – April 8 (4 weeks), May 20 – June 17 (4 weeks), September 2 – 30 (4 weeks), November 4 – 25 (4 weeks).

UFIT is Singapore’s largest independent fitness community that offers a 360 approach to health and fitness island wide. For more information, visit our website.

UFIT x Little Farms Partnership Announcement

We are really pleased to announce a new partnership with @littlefarms. Little Farms is a specialty retail grocer and online home delivery service that brings in the freshest and highest quality produce, meats, seafood, dairy, grocery items and more from Australia and around the world. We are teaming up with them to deliver loads of recipe ideas, video content and Clean and Lean specific products to help you live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Watch this space!

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Meera's journey with Coach Nathan Williams

Meera is one of our inspiring Personal Training clients at Amoy Street who shares her journey with UFIT so far. 

1. How long have you been training with UFIT?

I've been training with UFIT - bootcamps, CrossFit, Personal Training and beach sessions for about two years now. I started out with the Tanjong Beach sessions and then slowly got into the Fort Canning sessions, MetCon (for a while - when it was on!) and CrossFit Bukit Timah. 

2. Can you explain what happened 6 months ago and what this meant for your health/training etc?

So I was diagnosed with a ridiculously rare form of meningitis in June of this year - after two months of consistently being told it was a sports injury. Paul from UFIT Clinic was actually one of the first to identify that it didn't seem to be a sports injury. 

The meningitis I had was something that happened internally, not viral. Essentially, something popped in the brain and flooded everywhere. I had a brain, blood and spine infection. I was in intensive care for a week and then in a regular hospital ward for an additional 2 weeks and out of work for about 2 + months from what I remember. It was pretty uncomfortable too - put it this way, the multitude of lumbar puncture was a 1/10 on the pain level compared to the headaches I was having for a month and a half prior, and the discomfort that I had from the following months (which was probably a 10). 

Everything was a blur during this time - a lot of sleep, way too much medication and a panel of doctors who were coming in to see me in their droves. Health wise, quite simply - walking to and from the shower/ bathroom/ around the ward literally felt like I had just run a marathon. I was tired, weak, really sore and just constantly aching. I remember taking a minute-walk around the ward floor required me holding onto a handrail, bending was next to impossible, and carrying a grocery bag was hard. It was really frustrating. 

Cooking was pretty much the most active I got for that whole period - and that was tiring! 

Being on steroids (and still!) also meant I was eating uncontrollably and put on about 12 kilos within 2-3 weeks, but I lost a ton of muscle mass from just being in bed and unable to move for almost a month, and just being weak overall. Steroids aren't really fun either - it was like being back in high school - acne, way too much weight, not sleeping (probably 4 hours a night) at the most, and OCD. It was an emotional roller coaster.  

3. What kept you going? 

Netflix and YouTube - kidding (but seriously, there are some awesome CrossFit videos and recipes on YouTube, I had no idea!).

Family and my friends. During this time, I had my own personal cheer squad and kept getting reminded about the stuff I could do after this blip in the road. They really helped me stay positive, especially during the tougher days. It was daily calls with hilarious stories of what had been happening while I had been out and text messages which kept me looking forward to getting back to work and regular life! 

I also would have to say that grit had a huge part to play - I knew I had two options: 

  1. Get really down and wallow, potentially be self destructive by eating too much ice cream or drinking - this would be easy, or 
  2. Pushing through and getting stronger, so I can deal with it better and just pushing through the tough stuff, to get through.  

The doctors pretty much said to me that I should only walk on flat surfaces, not do any weights and "take it easy" - I didn't like that and was really angry about those barriers. I like challenges and being strong - and wanted to get back to my regular schedule of races, training and being active as a whole.  

So I thought I'd just go with the latter and see how it goes. Nathan knew my goals and I'd worked with him at bootcamps in the previous year, so he knew how to help! 

4. How has the training with Nathan helped you get back to full health?

OK, Nathan and Paul are ROCKSTARS. Honestly, I don't think I'm completely back to full form but those two are ridiculously good at what they do. (If this statement gets Paul & Nathan's schedule booked up, I'll take it back).

When I first went in to see Nathan for PT, I couldn't lift any weights and my mobility was pretty much like that of a 90 year old woman with osteoporosis - I couldn't walk up one flight of stairs without my heart racing. He was being really positive, but I could see that he was pretty worried. He gave me a clear training program for work to do at home and work to do in the gym - mobility, body weight WODs. Within the first month, I was back at MacRitchie doing the 10k walk, I'm hitting the prowler now, back to doing some lighter weight work at the gym too! 

Paul was the first person to actually recognise something was really wrong from the UFIT Clinic. Two visits to A&E, one ambulance run & multiple visits to doctors didn't. Since I've been back from the hospital - I've worked with Paul on my mobility and have a better understanding of which movement slow-downs are neurological or muscle related, and how to better manage them or build up. 

The great thing about Paul and Nathan was the fact that they spoke to each other and kept each other updated on what had been happening, so my training was all rounded and flowed well - keeping up and ensuring that the pace of my recovery was significantly faster than the doctors had actually predicted.