August 19, 2020

Your Guide To Pre-workout Nutrition

One of the most commonly-asked questions from clients is what they should eat before a workout. Should they train fasted? How much should they eat? As with everything, the answer depends on the context. What type of training are you doing? What are your goals? What time do you train?

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Ideally, your meal should not be too heavy, and they are to be consumed 30-90 minutes prior to your workout. You don’t want too much blood to go into digestive system while training. You want them to go to the muscle.


Exercise creates damage on muscle tissue and consuming protein will aid recovery. Whether your goal is having a better body composition or to perform better athletically, consuming protein will help you maintain or gain muscle size by flooding your bloodstream with amino acids. A good starting point for men is 30-40 grams and 20-30 grams of protein for women, depending on their size. We also have a UFIT Protein supplement if you are looking for a product supported by our nutritionists!

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Carbs are your primary source of energy for the workout. The goal is to have a steady level of insulin release during training because that helps to reduce muscle-protein breakdown. A good starting point for men is 30-40 grams and 20-25 grams for women.


Fats don’t seem to have any impact on performance during a workout. They help to slow down digestion, which maintains blood glucose and insulin level. So if you go with a high carbs and low fat approach, you might tend to experience symptoms of hypoglycaemia during a workout. A good starting point for men is 10 grams of fats and half of that for women.

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While nutrient timing is one of the factors of a successful nutrition plan, it is more important to look at the total amount of macronutrients you consume within a day if you want to achieve your desired body composition. Hence it is critical to have a solid plan in place for your overall nutrition strategy before diving in into pre and post-workout nutrition. Speak to us for a tailored plan when it comes to your training and nutrition!




Devina is a certified ACE Personal Trainer, she is also certified to coach pre and post natal clients.  On top of that she is a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit gymnastic certified trainer. Born in Jakarta and having moved to Singapore when she was 10, Devina started her fitness journey while attending college abroad in Melbourne, Australia. She believes in finding a balance in all elements and practising yoga complements her weight training very well.

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