September 17, 2020

October Tennis Camps

Our camps are back this October and this time round we have a tennis-focused program in store for you!

We are running daily UFIT Youth Academy Health and Fitness sessions at Savitar Tennis Centre, Raffles City from Monday 12th - Friday 23rd October.

Our fun and professional tennis coaches will help improve your child's tennis skills and overall fitness. The focus will be on stroke improvement, match play, and building a love of the game!

Daily 20-minute allocations will also be given to each age group for a fun, high-energy fitness session. All exercises will be tennis-specific and will enhance their tennis development as well as their passion for sports!

Here are the dates to add to your calendar 👇

Week 112th - 16th October 2020
Week 2: 19th - 23rd October 2020

Development Groups: 09:00 - 12:00
  1. Red Ball Camp (5 to 7yrs)  
  2. Orange Ball Camp (7 to 9yrs)
  3. Green Ball Camp (8 to 10yrs)
  4. Yellow Ball Camp (11 to 16yrs)

Performance Groups: 14:00 - 17:00 (players must have match play experience)

  1. Green Ball camp (8 to 10yrs)
  2. Yellow Ball camp (11 to 16yrs)

If you have any queries, please contact Jim at or call 9085 6364

We hope to see you on the courts!

The UFIT Team


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