February 18, 2021

Studio @ Fairmont: Our Fitness Offerings Just Got Bigger!

We have some exciting news! Our fitness offerings just got bigger with the new UFIT Studio @ Fairmont  opening very soon at the poolside of the five-star Fairmont Hotel. We will be offering Private Group Training, Personal Training, and our Sports For Life program at this new location as we look to further expand our health and fitness services.

Fairmont Hotel PoolsideUFIT Studio @ Fairmont will be located at the poolside of the five-star Fairmont Hotel, Singapore (photo: Fairmont Singapore)

Private group training

Besides being situated in a lovely location, you can visit the new studio for private group classes tailored for all fitness levels and abilities. As it is a private and small group, you will receive the full personal attention from our team of coaches for a great training experience. 

Private Group ClassesPrivate group classes will be available at the new studio with undivided attention from your coaches

reach your goals in an urban oasis

Our award-winning personal training service will now also be available at the new studio. Work with our team of esteemed coaches who are ready to guide you on your health and fitness journey to reach your goals and achieve noticeable results - all within a convenient urban oasis.

Dumbbell Floor Presses at UFIT Achieve your goals in an urban oasis with private personal training

Sports for life

Kids today are faced with many pressures to perform in life. By being active, healthy and fit, we can help them handle the challenges they will no doubt face in today’s world. Sometimes kids need some support in building the strong foundation required to approach life with confidence. Our Sports For Life program teaches children aged 6-15 years old the benefits of a healthy mind and body through sport, which will also be conducted at our new studio!

Sports for Life footballIgnite a passion for sport at a young age with our Sports For Life program at the new studio

We can't wait to ignite your greatness!

No membership is required to train with us at the new studio and you will immediately become part of our fast-growing UFIT Health and Fitness community! We look forward to seeing you in March to help you with your health and fitness goals in 2021!

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