May 24, 2016

How Can Sumo Deadlifts Benefit You

By Trainer Jia

Sumo deadlifts are great for everyone and especially those who have lower back issues as there is less shear force on the spine when performing a sumo deadlift.
The sumo deadlift works the glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs and the outer quads. Those with limited groin flexibility, a slightly closer stance will work better. Unlike trap bar deadlifts that mainly work the anterior chain and conventional deadlifts that work the posterior chain, sumo deadlifts work both anterior and posterior chains.

If you struggle with getting the bar off the floor for conventional deadlifts, implementing sumo deadlifts in your training will help improve your conventional deadlift numbers as it will help you to work on your hip strength. Strength athletes favour the sumo deadlift more as it allows them to lift a heavier weight over a shorter distance.How to perform a sumo deadlift:

Spread your feet apart with toes facing out. If unsure on how wide your stance should be, raise your arms up to the side and start by having your feet under your elbows, adjusting from there if necessary.

Lower the hips with a slightly arched back, ensuring that shoulders are behind the bar and knees are pointing inline with your toes. Open the chest.

Grab the bar at about shoulder width distance, keep the chest up and engage the lats.

Think of squatting up.

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