Foster a passion for fitness for an even earlier age, at UFIT Kids Camps

As we look forward to Chinese New Year, the calls of “Hooray we have a public holiday on its way” resound. For everyone that is apart from parents who are desperate to try and find something for the kids to do for a whole week, to prevent them sitting on the iPad or climbing the walls in boredom.

Luckily UFIT Kids Camps is coming to the rescue with a revamped, fresh-look program for 2019, that features a packed schedule to suit the Singapore school holidays (as best we can at least!), so that you can be sure they will have the time of their lives during the holidays and as parents you can have peace of mind.

Chris Hodges, one of our UFIT Kids Camps Managers gives the lowdown on the changes for 2019 and the benefits they bring about.

“With the new year comes an adjustment to the way we run our UFIT Kids Camps, providing the best possible development path for your children. One of the most exciting changes is that our Multisport Camp will now run for ages 5-12 years, while our Sport-Specific Camps for a range of sports including rugby, football and swimming will cater for ages 12-18 years.

The change is due to a very simple reason, it is best for your child! Intellectual, physical and sporting development is a very individual process, occurring at very different rates for everyone. In terms of sporting and physical development, a child’s main growth spurt is a very important milestone and should be a major dictator of what activities and exercise are best to develop sporting ability. This usually occurs around 12 years of age for girls and 14 in boys, but can vary by a few years either side of this.

This is why our Multisport Camp now runs for ages 5-12, the prime ages to learn as broader range of skills and abilities as possible. According to the Youth Development Model (Lloyd et al., 2012) children between these ages should focus on learning technically sound functional movements and improve physical attributes (speed, agility, power and strength) through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Therefore the Multisport Camp has three main sections:

1)     Speed & Agility Games - A variety of fast paced games with the aim of finding space or tagging an opponent, examples include bullrush, capture the flag and stuck in the mud. These will develop your child’s physical attributes as well as spatial awareness and teamwork.

2)     Strength & Conditioning - Each child will be taught key athletic movements such as the squat, deadlift and lunge by our qualified coaches. Mastering their own body weight while moving correctly will set the foundations for future gym work while improving sporting potential. It is vital this is done by a suitable and qualified coach, something we are fortunately blessed with at UFIT.

3)     Variety of Sports -  Participation in a wide selection of sports is best for children under 12 years old, this will help them learn and develop a range of skills useful for all sports such as throwing, kicking, passing and tackling. It is no coincidence that some of the world’s best athletes are talented at more than one sport.

We have a very simple aim with each one of these sections: keep it fun, engaging and safe. Our best in class coaches want to foster a passion for staying fit and healthy for life, while promoting a love for all sport.

Once your child has hit their main growth spurt, specialising in their favourite sport or sports becomes more important. This will be discussed in our next blog post leading up to our Easter Sport-Specific Camps.

Our Multisport Camp will be running 4-8th February meeting at Crossfit Bukit Timah 10am-3pm.