April 9, 2021

Encouraging your Child to get Active


With the profound disruptions to our daily lives, families struggle to cope with working from home and running a home school. Given the opportunity to spend more time and bond together as a family unit, getting your child involved in physical activity reaps a multitude of benefits - physically, socially and cognitively.  Here are some tips to encourage your child to move more. 

Be a role model.

As a parent, you hold a powerful and prominent figure during your child's growing up years. Your children will act and mimic your habits, be it good or bad. As children observe and internalize your actions, they too will act as a 'mini you'. If your kids see you being physically active and having fun while doing it, they're more like to be active and stay active throughout their lives. By participating in a common physical activity together, it's a great way to strengthen your relationship with your child. Rekindle that adventurous spirit and have some weekend family fun by scheduling regular hikes to explore new places. An act as simple as walking, alongside great company encourages your child to step forth in a physically active lifestyle.

Focus on fun.

Making fitness as part of your child's day cultivates a sustainable routine. More so, if the activity involves the element of fun or is easily incorporated in their day to day living. Kids like to have fun, and if they have fun doing so, they are more inclined to keep to it if they are doing an activity they enjoy. So, turn on some music, have a dance party, or even visit places of interest that ignites your child's curiosity and creativity. Be it a walking trip to the zoo or theme parks, miniature golf course or fishing,  a breath of fresh air would liven up not only your mood but your child's, as well.  

Use competition as a motivator. 

Seed simple challenges and make it a contest between your children and you to see who can run faster or do more jumping jacks.  Furthermore, physical activity can be a social activity. Inviting your child's friends over for a friendly match while parents gather and hang around helps to keep children engaged and accountable for their own activities. Keep it super simple and have a reward system to incentivize your child. Be it an ice cream treat or doing one household chore less, the possibilities are endless. 


Getting started on an active lifestyle isn't complicated and by introducing your child to a variety of physical activities from a young age will give them the best chance in succeeding in sports. More importantly, however, you will be part of their learning journey as you set them on their path to achieving a healthier and active lifestyle later in life.
At UFIT, our Sports for Life program puts your child on the pathway to becoming an active and healthy adult. Find out more on our upcoming 8-week after-school program happening from 26th April with trial periods from 19th April!




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