Clean & Lean gets an exciting new look!

The last 18 editions for Clean & Lean saw over 3,000 participants take part in a grueling but rewarding four-week nutrition program. Most success stories from each season have a recurring theme – losing weight gets easier with a strong support system and a solid nutrition plan in place.

From the next instalment of the program, Clean & Lean 19 will see a new fitness app integrated into your fitness journey.

Embrace, encourage and get connected with like-minded individuals over the next four weeks with the brand new Clean & Lean app: 


There’s no more excuses not to see results with Clean & Lean when you have immediate access to our highly qualified nutritionists on your smartphone!


Don’t be shy to share your struggles with us. The team is ready to help you overcome any obstacles you face and get back on track!


Share your food photos and discover new recipes with your Clean & Lean family while developing healthy habits through community empowerment.


Embrace your support system and remember to be kind to yourself. Sticking to a detox program can get challenging at first and it might feel like a lonely quest. But remember the Clean & Lean community is always around to give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

Remain accountable with our meal tracking system.

Sometimes, it gets hard to track your macros when you dine out with friends and family.

  Photo by Clean & Lean 18 participant Diana Teo

Photo by Clean & Lean 18 participant Diana Teo

Take advantage of the saying “The Camera eats before you” and track your food on the go with the “Food Tagging System” by taking a snap of what’s on your plate. Get tagging and never lose a social moment again. Now there’s more to tag than just your friends on social media!


With our weekly digestible lesson plans and daily nuggets for nutrition, you will have more resources at your fingertips to eat for successful weight loss. Take on daily challenges to maximise your Clean & Lean journey!


There’s nothing sweeter than the science of food composition


Get up-to-date, personalised nutrition reports as you progress on your Clean & Lean journey.

Stay Connected After You’ve Graduated

You’ll be invited to an exclusive close-knit alumni network to continue with the Clean & Lean lifestyle after you’ve graduated from the program.

Continue to inspire others to achieve greatness with nutrition.  

Clean & Lean 19 takes place from 17 March 2018.

Take control. Make the change. Or forever stay the same.


Do it yourself from home if you want a refresher - or if you reside outside of Singapore:

  • Video-streaming of four nutritional seminars
  • Weight and body fat comparisons at the beginning and end of program
  • Online nutritional guideline
  • Clean & Lean e-cookbook


Join the group in person - be part of the supportive community:

  • Four nutritional seminars
  • Weigh-ins and weigh-outs at the beginning and end of the program
  • Four post-seminar workouts
  • Four bootcamp training sessions
  • Nutritional guideline
  • Clean & Lean e-cookbook