Nutrition in the Media is a Minefield - 5 Tips to Help You Spot Fact From Fiction

Many of you might have come across scary nutrition-related headlines on the internet. Similarly, have you put in a seemingly simple nutrition question on Google and then ended up being even more confused than before? UFIT One-North Personal Trainer Emily Whitelock gives us 5 tips on how to filter through the slew of information you find on the internet!

Nourish the Body and Feed the Mind

We spoke to Ken Stirrat, one of our winners last year’s Clean & Lean Challenge, as he shares his experience with us. The Clean & Lean Challenge is a holistic program that would help equip you with the tools to reach your goals – be it fitting into your clothes better or having more energy throughout the day. Read on to learn more about Ken’s journey on the challenge!

Go sober for October - a challenge from Tom Biggs

There is a lot of pressure on people to drink, and people think you can’t have a good time without drinking. Being a non-drinker, Tom Biggs is used to the negative reaction from people. But for him, the health benefits of quitting alcohol for 2 years are massive.