December 28, 2018

Bootcamps: Why we passionately believe in group, outdoor exercise

There are multiple, millions, a multitude of group exercise classes on offer in Singapore; ranging from Barre, to pole dancing and aerial silks, to the classic gym, body pump, zumba and spinning. However the big difference when you come to a UFIT Bootcamp is that you get the additional benefit of being out in the open air.

UFIT Bootcamps operates over 60 classes weekly in 12 outdoor locations Singapore-wide. The classes range from FIT to FIT Elite, Metcon, HIIT, Boxfit and YogaFit and all offer heart pumping, cardio-busting, strength-building, fun-packed sessions in a group environment.

What are the benefits of exercising outdoors? 

As good as training indoors is for you, training outside can have major benefits for the body. Not only is breathing in the fresh air whilst training refreshing, but there are immense physiological benefits that should not be forgotten.  

  1. Your general mental health and emotional state of mind are given a significant boost. Through:

●      A sense of revitalisation

●      Decreased anger

●      An increase in energy

●      Lowered levels of anxiety

●      Increased levels of endorphins  

2. Sunshine (if you can find it) is a great mood enhancer. Sunlight enhances energy generation in the muscles and oxidation of the tissues. Just be safe and wear sunscreen.

3. Vitamin D exposure - one of the fat soluble vitamins, which contributes to the development of strong bones and a good immune system is attained by the exposure to sunlight. A 2016 study highlights that 42% of Singaporeans have a Vitamin D deficiency, possibly due to the propensity to stay out of the heat. So let’s address this and get outdoors!

4. The space and variety offered by the outdoors far outweighs the inside of the 4 same walls, helping to make your workouts more interesting and hence more likely to keep your attention. 

So why are we not all outdoors and leaping around?

It’s true that in Singapore the air is not always, er... welcomingly cool (!) and therefore this does put off a great number of people. But there is no reason to not embrace this. Yes you are likely to sweat more, but sweating is a positive detoxification for the body. So long as you replace the lost water and electrolytes sufficiently and wisely. Don’t be afraid! 

Remember, when exercising outdoors in increased heat and humidity

  1. Stay hydrated and replace electrolytes

  2. Choose to exercise earlier in the morning or later in the evening - please avoid the midday heat if possible

  3. Wear sunscreen if necessary to avoid the burn

  4. Just take a towel, water and embrace it!

The benefits strongly outweigh the negatives and training outside should be a part of everyone’s training rotation. Check out UFIT Bootcamps schedule here.

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