September 3, 2018

From flab to fab: a body transformation story

Brandon Au is a familiar face at UFIT one-north gym, clocking in a couple of training sessions a week with his colleague Satyadev. From his jovial laughters and easy confidence as he attempts the exercises under the watchful eyes of Personal Trainer Daniel Gregson, you won't be able to tell that just barely a year ago, Brandon can barely do most of the exercises that he's doing today. Brandon was overweight, dealing with knees and ankle weaknesses, and did not feel good about his general quality of health.

Taking matters into his own hands, Brandon signed up for Personal Training at UFIT. Within 6 months of consistent work with Dan, went through such a marked transformation that friends and family can hardly recognise him. This is Brandon's story:

 Sheer hard work and consistency led to Brandon's amazing physical transformation within 12 months of training with UFIT! Sheer hard work and consistency led to Brandon's amazing physical transformation within 12 months of training with UFIT!

"Back in August 2017, I just celebrated my birthday but I wasn't happy. Everything was going fine in my life. Work is going good, I am happily married, but one of the most important factor of my life is in a mess. My height is 176cm but I weighed almost 90kg. If it was all muscle mass, that's fine. But I was fat and out of shape, and struggling with knees and ankles problems.

I knew I had to take control of my health and life.

I decided against traditional gyms, as it can be really overcrowded. You may end up spending more time waiting for machines and weights, and feel pressurised to complete your exercise quickly. I finally picked UFIT, a personal training gym which caters and customise workouts to individual needs. Bonus is, UFIT is just a stone’s throw away from my workplace. (I work at Autodesk Asia office at one-north.)

I got introduced to Daniel Gregson and did a personal training trial. Dan went through a series of questions to understand my condition and prior injuries, and my goal to get my health back in order. The trial went really well, despite limiting exercises on my lower limbs to ensure I do not aggravate my injuries. I had a really good workout and felt really exhausted after the session. Dan was able to maximize the hour and I felt I am in good hands. I decided to start regular training with Dan and begin my journey to better health.

Dan is able to provide a good blend of cardio and core exercises to burn fat get my heart rate up, before starting on weights training and core exercises. I was seeing good results progressively, not just losing weight and body fat, but gaining much more strength on my upper body. From time to time he also pushes me to work on other parts of my legs to support my weaker ankles and knees. Exercises like trap bar squats and goblet squats really helped to strengthen my hamstrings, thighs and gluts.

Dan also shares nutritional tips with me, and is always readily available to answer my concerns and questions through Whatsapp chats.

He is also very encouraging, and pushes me to my limits to test myself. He emphasized on disciplined eating habits to eat clean, nutritious food, while allowing an occasional snack as reward. 6 months after I started on my fitness journey, my transformation to a healthier me is obvious to many, not just at home, even my colleagues were impressed by my transformation and asked how I achieved it.

A friend who I haven’t seen since before I started training could not even recognise me at first!

I am glad to have inspired my colleague, Satyadev to join me and buddy up to train together. Within a short span of 5 months, Satyadev have lost almost 15 kg and gained good muscle strength. He also lost 2 clothes sizes and few inches around his waist, and is able to fit into his old clothes from his lighter days. We further inspired another 2 colleagues to join UFIT and train with Dan. I am sure they will also achieve their goals to be healthier and stronger.

As for me, after around 11 months, these are my transformation results:

  • Weight lost close to 14kg
  • Fat loss exceeding 14kg as I have gained much muscle mass!
  • Lost almost 4 inches on my waist line
  • Lost 2 clothing sizes from XL to M
  • Cultivated healthy eating habits
  • Feel physically strong and mentally alert
  • Improved upper body strength
  • Able to bench press 60kg x 6 reps
  • Able to dumbbell press 30kg x 5 reps (assisted), 27.5kg x 10 reps (last couple assisted) and 25kg x 10 reps (unassisted)
  • Improved on my core, biceps, and shoulders strength
  • Overall improved strength, enabling me to now be able to do 4 unassisted pull-ups from zero before.
  • Improved strength on my lower limbs progressively. Now I am able to do walking lunges with decent amount of weight.
  • and much much more!

I am glad I took the first step last year and picked UFIT as my health partner on this journey. Dan played a huge part not just as a trainer but now I call a friend throughout my transformation. UFIT is my recommended choice for anyone whom wants to maximise time and their effort towards a healthier well being at a reasonable pace. All the other staff and trainers at UFIT are also very friendly and makes it a very nice community to be involved in.

I am not done yet, and will continue to work with my friend Dan towards a stronger, fitter and better me!

Thank you Dan and UFIT!"

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