August 10, 2017

Get spotted in your UFIT shirt - and win!

There is nothing more exciting than putting all your great training effort into a race event or competition with your UFIT friends! Seeing those familiar faces at the start line and racing as a sea of red together is one of the most motivating and satisfying ways to get you to the finish as quickly as possible!

As part of our "Wear Your Colours" offer we are giving away these fabulous UFIT race shirts for you to wear at your next event. 

If we spot you wearing a UFIT shirt during your race - or you tag us in photos of you in the shirts on your social media - you have a chance to win free Bootcamp or Personal Training sessions with UFIT.

Our spotters will also be out and about once a month all over Singapore, giving you more chances to wear your UFIT shirt and win some free training!

Starting with the Jungle Run on 1 October - to get your UFIT shirt, sign up for this event entering UFIT in the drop-down box and we will provide you with a UFIT shirt and look out for you on race day!

And stay tuned for further races we will be offering these shirts for. Best of luck with your training and happy racing!

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