May 26, 2017

Fitting fitness into your busy schedule

Will Foden, Personal Trainer at UFIT Amoy Street shares his strategies for getting the balance right.

We have all heard it before. "I didn't have time"’, "I couldn’t", "It's not the right time", "I'll do it later". Sound familiar? 

In this busy day and age time is money. But what I can’t understand is how people forget their own health to make an extra buck. 

Being healthy should be one of the most important things on your agenda. If you're a hundred percent in the room then you can work optimally as well as enjoy what you're doing outside of work. This should incorporate all three parameters of fitness - physical, psychological and emotional well being. This takes work to achieve, but here are simple guidelines to use when planning for this:

Food prepping

This doesn’t mean you have to be making 5kg of boiled chicken and broccoli for three days worth of food. Food prepping is meant to be a convenience not a chore. 

If you work in a busy business you probably won't have time to eat 5 full ‘optimal’ meals per day. Aim for 5-6 protein sources per day, whether that's eggs in the morning to having a protein bar as a snack. 

Also if finance isn’t a worry sourcing a meal prep company could be the way forward. Not having to worry about cooking takes a huge burden off your shoulders if time is of the essence. 

Activity level

If you want to be ‘ripped’ or ‘shredded’ the harsh reality is that you are going to have to commit time to train for that 3 to 5 times per week. There's no quick 4 minute abs workout that will give you the gains you see on Instagram or in Mens' Health magazine. That by no means has to all be in the gym. Being healthy is a long term lifestyle adjustment. 

By increasing your output you will be burning more calories throughout your day. Even if you train 5 days a week for an hour, there's still 163 hours a week where activity is as important. 

Aim for 10,000 steps per day (buy a Fitbit or use your phone) this can be achieved by walking 20mins to get lunch rather than having your lunch delivered.

Prepare a go to snack

There's always going to be that time where work or life gets in the way of your eating priorities. But having a protein bar in your bag or some almonds is essential for those times where life gets in the way. Biltong in my eyes is king. Red meat is satiating as well as tastes amazing, it's low calorie and high in protein. Perfect to fit in your bag or have in a meeting without disturbing everyone with tubs of leftovers from the night before. 

Get into a routine

Many busy businessmen and women that I deal with use this as an excuse: "I forgot to eat" comes up daily. "No you mean that it's not a priority" is my response. If you actually sit down, think about actually what you want from your training or fitness goals then building a routine around that is the key to being successful. Sourcing a trainer who can accommodate a time where you can’t make an excuse not to come. Sourcing a meal prep company or a restaurant to prepare your meals for the day. Making sure that you make yourself accountable for your actions will help with creating a routine to adhere to. 

Pull the trigger

Stop talking about it and get on with it. How many people do you know that sit there and moan about not being unfit, overweight or in bad shape? It's boring and its not an excuse.

Why spend half your life sacrificing your health for money, and for the second part of your life spending that money trying to get your health back?

It's simple, sit down and write down what you want to achieve. Then put down what steps it's going to take. Sure there will be compromises but don’t block yourself off by talking yourself out of it or worrying about the optimal end goal. Find a coach who has a great reputation for achieving similar goals to what you want or need. Then sit with them and figure out mini milestones to achieve throughout your time with them. This will break your ultimate goal into digestible chunks. These mini goals will ultimately build into creating your main goal. 

Don’t try achieve things that are not YOUR goal. Aim high and put one foot in front of the other and that goal in the distance will get a whole lot closer. 

If you need any tips, help or just some ideas feel free to give me a shout and Ill get back to you as soon as possible.

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