December 8, 2017

Clean & Lean results and tips over the holidays

Once again - the results from the latest UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge have been amazing. 

Well done to our overall male winner Guillaume Augustin who lost a staggering 9.38% body fat, and female winner Hang Nguyen who lost an outstanding 6.88% body fat! What a truly fabulous effort, hard work and consistency always pays off. The runners-up were not far behind, with Bryan Shon losing an amazing 8.41% body fat and Jennifer Gillespie losing an exceptional 6.55% body fat! What a great start to the Christmas holiday season! 

Regardless of the results, we are proud of all our participants in our Clean & Lean Challenges this year. Even the smallest changes count, like thinking twice about what you eat and drink, and embracing healthy new foods that keep the weight off and help you feel great.

 Photo by Sofi Bon Foster Photo by Sofi Bon Foster

 Recipe and photo by Sofi Bon Foster Recipe and photo by Sofi Bon Foster

This leads us to the Silly Season, it’s called that for a reason! The Head of UFIT Nutrition’s Wendy Riddell shares with us her tips for staying relatively Clean & Lean over the holidays:

  1. Watch your drinks - go for wine (red or white) or spirits with soda water, and don’t bulk up over Christmas with beer and sherry. Champagne and cocktails also have lots of sugar in them and it's best to avoid those drinks if you can.
  2. Don’t overindulge on a daily basis, plan your events diary and don’t use Christmas as an excuse to go off the rails for the full 31 days. If you do get off the program get back on it the next day 
  3. Try using the phrase “I don’t eat/drink that” instead of “I can’t” and be strong by choosing what you want to have and not what's forced on you
  4. Load up on proteins and salads first, what's not to love about great turkey and ham combo or a fab bit of salmon! Then have some carbs if you have room. Start with the good stuff, not on the boring old bread sticks 
  5. Pick one dessert and own it! Don’t keep going back and trying everything till you feel nauseous, have that one special something and make it last 
  6. Enjoy the festive period! Don’t blow a whole year of gains on a week off excess, but in the same breath have some fun too
  7. Stay active with your fitness over the holidays - try to make time for it as much as you can.
  8. Remember to sign up for the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge 18 starting 13 January to get the new year off to an amazing start.

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